Southern Motion / couch/loveseat fabric falling off

Sullivan, MO, United States

I purchased a couch and loveseat March 15, 2011. I ordered it and waited on it for weeks to come in from Jerry's RCA 375 W Springfield Sullivan, Mo
63080. I went to Jerry's RCA a few months ago and told them what was happening and gave them pictures. I have been back there twice and the person who takes care of this is never there and they never call me back. In December of 2015, the leather like fabric started peeling.
This summer it started falling off drastically. We can't sit on it in certain spots because of the black and blue chunks sticking to our clothing and it is constantly all over my carpet and very embarrassing .
My husband and I lost our jobs and had to get new ones paying way less money therefore we cannot afford to just go out and buy new furniture because the 2000.00 set we purchased is falling apart.
It is the South [protected] Bella Cognac 507-60 Couch Santa Fe Blue
and the South [protected] Bella Cognac 507-60 Console Recliner Loveseat Santa Fe Blue
We paid 1952.44. I would like a refund or replacement. I do not want that kind of material again unless changes have been made to correct the problem.
I purchased this because it is an American Made product.

Thank you,
Linda Martin
105 Rohrer Road
Bourbon, Mo 65441

Nov 30, 2017

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