South University / Unethical behavior, high pressure, misleading statements

Savanah GA, United States
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In 2010 I wanted to investigate the idea of taking my 2 years of college from early 1970s, a 2 year degree from 1978 and 3 technical certificates along with years of continuing education and roll all that into a BS or MS. South U contacted me and assured me I would get credit for my "life experience." I applied, and was accepted. I then realized upon further research that at age 55, I should use the certificates I had. The sales rep, and that is what he was, really pressured me. I didn't know what I should study and how long it would take, seemed like a bad idea for me. He assured me it was nothing, and saying he "wants to walk me in a virtual class" so I could see what it was like. I see messages from people saying what they wanted to achieve, why they were studying. He had me congratulate a couple students. I thought this was all stupid. More a chat room than class room. I told him I wasn't interested and after a few more calls, told him to lave me alone. Now this summer, almost 6 years later, I am getting calls from a collection agency! They charged $4, 464 in tuition, 3 digital resource fees at $70 each. They did reverse some of these over the next 6 weeks. Their last entry, 2 years later, writes off "bad debt".
The collection agent sent a copy of my application and account ledger I just quoted. Nothing has my signature, and grades, nothing. I never took a class, test, received study materials, nothing. Receive nothing, pay nothing, want nothing from them. I see they lost some accreditation for financial reasons. My complaint is that they misled me, did not quote costs, and then turn me to collection agency when I have not heard from them in 5 years. It may be that now they are taking old applicants and selling them to a collection company in yet another unethical, desperate attempt to squeeze all they can from the public. Perhaps I should file a complaint against collector as accomplice.

Aug 05, 2016

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