South African Broadcasting Corporation [SABC] / cancellation of tv license

South Africa

Hi, Please assist me.
After receiving several SMS's of a bill over a R1, 000 for a TV license, I emailed SABC to inform them that I have never owned a TV set and that it must be someone else since all they have is my phone number and now my email. I will not pay the charges because I don't own a TV. I have now been handed over but am looking for an alternative way since I have never owned a TV set. Please help me. Here is a copy of the Text message.

FINAL NOTICE: MNR PEYPER no record of payment was received on TV Lic. [protected] balance R1325.00. Avoid a penalty, pay R250.00 Today at EasyPay with ref. [protected] or online Call [protected]

Oct 24, 2018

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