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We frequently travel to South Africa and have always used SAA, we had some issues on our last trip but we decided to travel with them again this year due to previous good experiences.
Flight on 20th October: On our flight to Johanesburg from London, we had a plane where most of the TV screens were not working, the staff attempted 3 re - loads to try and get them working but to no avail, It is not good enough to go on an 11 hr journey with no entertainment.
27th October: 3 of our party returned to London after a 6 day trip, again on their plane the entertainment system was not working for most of the plane. Also there was no heating on plane they ended up asking the stewardesses for extra blankets but were still freezing cold for the whole flight.
31st October: On our flight again there was no entertainment system, there was one attempt to re - boot the system but then nothing else happened, not even an apology. The staff were very rude and un - professional throughout the flight, they were talking to each other in their own language throughout the flight, even when serving meals totally ignoring customers. Again there was no heating in the cabin it was absolutely freezing, we asked the stewardess if there was something wrong with the heating and her comment was "Why are you cold?" when we said absolutely freezing she just walked off without saying anything and nothing was done about the heating. We ended up putting on our fleeces and coats to sleep in, and we were very worried about the two young babies in front of us that were so cold that again their parents put layers of clothes on to try and keep them warm. When breakfast was served everyone was wearing coats and wrapped in blankets but the stewardesses never mentioned anything. To make things worse when we came into land at London one stewardess strapped into her seat in front of us and shivered and said she was really cold, to which we replied you should have been here all night we are frozen! No answer! It was disgusting service you pay on a long flight to be entertained and at least kept warm, and would hope that at least the crew would apologise or try to do something about the issues, whereas we felt with the crew on the last flight that we were just an inconvenience in their day and that they could not wait to land in London and go out partying!

22CKID and 2ZUZMA Flight Out 20th October and return flights on 27th October and 31st October

Nov 09, 2017
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  • Ah
      Dec 02, 2017

    I had exactly the same problem on my flight to Brazil in September. The in flight entertainment did not work, so no entertainment for a 9 hour flight ?
    I lodged a complaint with SAA two months ago, up to now there has not even been an acknowledgement from SAA, they really do not care.
    In future use another airline, which values your business, no wonder they are almost bankrupt.

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  • Ts
      Dec 02, 2017

    @ahmed motala We did get a reply. However they stated that there had been an issue with software that had been recently found and that they were rectifying, even though we have had the same issue on the last 2 flights with the company on 4 different planes. As for the heating they said there were no reports from staff, the airline computers did not show any problems with the temperature, and that it was probably cold as we were sat by the exit door! The did offer us a £75 discount off another flight, even though in our letter we said that we would never fly with them again.

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