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To whom it may concern. I Sue Anne Wallis tried to make an on line booking with South African Airways on their official website in order to visit my father who is seriously ill in South Africa . On Friday 3rd February, I went onto the website, chose my flights and entered all the names of myself and two daughters. When pressing continue, an error code appeared [protected] saying that a problem had been encountered and the flights would not be booked. At this stage the ticket prices that i had been quoted for were:
01/04/2017 JHB to George at 11.50am and return
17/04/2017 George to JHB at 09.20am
The amount I was quoted was 192 pounds per person,
576 Pounds in Total
I obviously then thought I had made a mistake and tried again, only to get the exact same code and with the price having increased to 627 pounds.
My mother in South Africa then tried for me and gor the same response and then my sister also tried from Moscow and got the same.
My sister then called the call centre on Saturday 04 February 2017 and asked if there was a problem with the website, of which she was assured there wasn't but was told to tell me to call the centre and they would assist without charging the call centre fee .
I then called on the same day and the call centre gentleman was unable to even get the booking made. By this time the prices had gone up and up and from an amount of 576 pounds originally, i ended up having to pay 863 pounds through the call centre with a 40 minute phone call involved due to the complexity of the failing system. And i might add it was an international call from the UK to South Africa.
This is aboslute day light robbery and false advertising. The original amount should have been held as the call centre should have claimed responsibilty for the fault of the website. I have ended up paying virtually close to two extra tickets.
I shall be forwarding this message onto higher management as this is totally unacceptable. Surely if SAA wants the business, they need to sort their website out so that people can make the appropriate bookings and not be ripped off each time the system throws out an error code and then raises the prices !!!
Please advise as to whom i can further extend this complaint to ??? I await a reply and hopefully a refund of the extra costs incurred due to a failing system on your behalf .
Kind regards
Sue Anne Wallis

Feb 6, 2017
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  • Dj
      6th of Feb, 2017

    In addition to sending the message to the SAA management team, have you tried reaching out to their customer care department? I think the email address is [protected] You may also consider reaching out via social media. There's a Twitter handle (@flysaa_care), which is dedicated to customer service issues.

    Hope this helps.

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