South African Airwaysboarding after 8 hour layover

Finding it very difficult to lodge a complaint, I've been on hold for 27 minutes. I flew from Cape Town to Johannesberg on my way to London with a valid UK visa, after waiting at the airport for 7 hours I was told WHILE BOARDING that I will not be able to get on the plane because I could not provide my exit ticket out of the UK. Firstly, the ticket cost me R14500, secondly it is my 4th time in the UK on this visa, thirdly, I had an exit ticket on my phone, the official or whatever he was, had no clue what he was doing he would not even let me charge my phone to show him my ticket. I then had to purchase another ticket for the next with Emirates, I am currently in London, went through custom hassle free and after chatting to them they agreed that whoever told me I couldn't get on the plane HAD NO RIGHT seeing as though my visa was and is VALID. Can someone PLEASE tell me who to contact regarding this ? I spent the evening at Johannesberg airport crying with nobody willing to assist me, and after emailing and trying customer service theres never a response!

Feb 29, 2016

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