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I recently purchased a flagship top of line model 4K smart 65" TV from an authorized Sony dealer ( Best Buy). It had had problems since day one. Initially I blamed my internet provider for bad Modems etc etc but began to realize the problem was a faulty TV itself.

After weeks of insults - long holds -disconnects hang ups - flat refusals to speak to competent technical help - to speaking to people who had no clue as to what the problem was - I have finally given up. It has become aparrant that the Sony Corp has no intention of honoring their meaningless warranty- so now I am stuck with a several thousand dollar piece of junk that fails every time I use it.

It is a sad state of affairs when a trusted mega-national leader in quality and reliability is in such a sad state of affairs that it must resort to acting like pawn shop mentality sleaze.

Mar 08, 2017

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