Sonic ElectronixJbl 12 inch speaker

January 5th 2017 Sonic Electronix has sent me a defective speaker cabinet with a damaged voice coil.
I spoke with the customers service manager Darnell and was told that no refunds are made for defective products only exchanges and that exchanges can take up to two to three weeks depending on how busy they are.
It seems that they changed their return policy Jan 1st but did not tell any of their customers that have accounts with them about this important change.
Darnell has refuse to refund my purchase even though I returned the defective products next day.
I have now been forced to wait on them with no guarantee of when or if I will receive a replacement this is not acceptable I suggest that you do not buy here it is not worth the aggravation .
I will surely miss buying from Sonic Eletronix they used to be a good company to source a lot of equipment.

Return ID Date Order ID Status
330429 01/10/2017 [protected] Pending reception (approved)

Jan 17, 2017

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