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I had purchased a pair of sunglasses with a $150 e-gift certificate that I had received from my girlfriend. Along with the gift certificate I had to pay about $20 in additional charges to make up the difference. Upon receiving the sunglasses, I had decided to return them due to a size issue. I called customer support in April to ask whether I would receive the full value of the gift certificate back as credit, since the coupon had expired since I purchased it. I would not have returned the sunglasses otherwise. I was told that this would be the case and had decided to return my glasses for a different model. Upon receipt of the sunglasses, there was a problem with processing the return for a few weeks and I was finally issued a new coupon code. When I had entered the code the value was for $75, half of what I had initially in the $150 eGift certificate. I spoke with their customer service representatives regarding this and they said there was nothing they could do since the coupon I had initially purchased expired.

I told them that I was assured that I would receive full value by their customer service earlier and that logically I would not have returned it otherwise. I've spoken to numerous customer service reps as well as one supervisor named Michelle, and they basically said that they can't do anything at this point. I can’t even get the original sunglasses back. They've said that they can't refund the money for me either since this was a coupon purchased through ideeli. At this point blame keeps getting shifted around and there's no one willing to accept responsibility. In really the absence of being able to talk to anyone else without getting more headache and stress, I am turning to anyone that will lend an ear to help me. This has wasted more time and money than it is worth, but I honestly believe that this is a principle that I can not idly stand by for. I don't usually complain and having been in roles for sales and customer service before I understand the difficulty, but I believe it is absolutely unfair that since my decision was based on what I was told by and having been penalized for it, something needs to be done. Along with this, I would also like to make a mention that their customer service is very unprofessional as I've tried to contact them by email several times only to go with days without any kind of response. A couple of times they said they would get back to me in 24-48 hours, but they never did and I had to call them back. Also, the $20 they were supposed to have refunded to my account still hasn't been processed and at this point, I don't know what else to do.

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      Sep 10, 2012 - Thanks for nothing Soltice
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    I bought a $40 for $80 coupon on Gilt for this retailer, not noticing that the fine print said it was only for the solstice website (hate that). I wanted a new pair of the basic Ray Bans I had because I lost my older pair. I was willing to purchase the regular model or the polarized model for extra. The website said that they were sold out but expecting a new shipment in of not just the particular model I was interested in, but ALL of the color options. When I called to inquire when they would be in stock, the person was like, "I dunno." Thanks.

    Finally the opportunity to preorder them became available. I ordered them on August 20th, for a Sept 1st shipping date (posted on the website when I ordered them). I called last night, September 6th, to see why they had not shipped yet. I was told they "were in the warehouse being prepped for shipment." What the hell does that mean? Put them in a box with a label and ship them. No "prep work" necessary. I also sent an angry e-mail to customer service. Today, I got an e-mail that they went out for shipment and the tracking number I was provided for UPS does not work. The link the e-mail sends you to on their website to track it using your order number ALSO does not work.

    Thanks for nothing Soltice. Just send me my sunglasses already so I can be done with you.

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