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Be very careful of this company social buzzing and in particular with vanessa whitaker.

They are not very professional, as soon as we saw that they weren't good enough for us and wanted a refund they said they couldn't give it to us. So we kind of found ourselves obliged to use them and after a month we haven't seen any major changes on our social media platforms or any increase of interest in our business by potential clients. At the end of the month they sent us a report with pictures taken from their screen. Which is not showing us how have they improved our social media presence.

I wouldn't recommend them to anyone.

Vanessa whitaker (link removed) = scammer = scammers

Social Buzzing

Jul 29, 2016
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  • So
      May 17, 2017

    Hi Ava, this is Vanessa.

    I apologise for not responding to your review before but I have only been alerted to this. I felt it was important to address your feedback as it is an inaccurate account of what happened between us. You asked us to manage your social media for one month last year. After a few days you wanted to cancel as you had not seen a huge increase in enquiries to your business. I advised you it had been less than a week and your social media was in it’s infancy, it was going to take time! Whilst I believe we are very good at what we do, we are not miracle workers and any Social Media or SEO company needs to be given more than 3 days. I didn’t agree to a refund as we had already invested a lot of time prior to the start of the campaign talking to you and putting together a strategy, as well as writing content for the next few weeks and creating bespoke art work. It is not correct that there weren’t any major changes, your followers increased by 15%, your website traffic by 10% and your engagement doubled. The results were good for only 4 weeks. Unfortunately your expectations, which I did tell you needed to be managed were unrealistic and no company would have been able to have hit them. I don’t feel this is a reflection on our work, we spoke to you regularly and I did advise you needed to look at a budget for paid ads to achieve your ambitious targets within a month – you didn’t want to do this which I respected.

    The report which we sent included snapshots from the social media analytics from Facebook and Twitter as they breakdown the key improvements and metrics which are important to you. They were not pictures from a screen and I messaged you to arrange a call to run through this together. You didn’t respond and I can see now you decided to post on here rather than contact myself and let me answer any queries you had.

    Lastly to address being unprofessional, you have included a link to my personal page where I have pictures of my family and friends that has no relation to my business or the work we did together on a public forum. You have insinuated that I scammed you which is not true. I can understand if you were not happy with the results but to make public claims that I scammed you is factious. I feel your review highlights more yourself than the dealings of my company. As a team we work very hard to provide a great and affordable service and we genuinely care about all the businesses and people we work with. It’s a shame you have wanted to sabotage our reputation which is something we have worked very hard over 5 years to achieve because of unrealistic expectations. I hope that other potential customers take time to look at the other reviews about us online. We have worked with over 11, 000 people and have a 97% satisfaction rating as we do go out of our way to give companies the best service out there.

    If you do want to discuss this with me you have my contact details and I would be more than happy to speak to you further. I hope with reflection you will consider removing this untrue feedback.

    All the best,

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  • Sa
      Aug 09, 2018

    Debbie Bligh is part of the company Social Buzzing, they started our service as agreed for one full upfront payment paid in good faith for one whole month to be carried out updating facebook posts, google adwords revamping and facebook ads altering to make as optimal as possible. We was set up a wrong google account in another completely different name without them even checking ! They then asked for logins in the space of the first week over 10 times! A complete sham of company & Hootsuite does this work for them they just add over 500% charge so beware of this person & their company. We cancelled after the first week due to lousy service and poor organisation, they tried to claim 2 more months then in the sum of £680.00!

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