Snap Fitnessunethical behavior

Owner was rude and incompetent in up holding snap fitness core values. I was told by owner she did not want a customer like me in her franchise. I waited a month for the grand opening of this franchise. When I signed my contract I was told to check facebook. I did. It says snap fitness Grand opening May 1st. Now mind you I don't have a Facebook account so all I see is SNAP FITNESS open 24 hours as the first advertisement. Another ad saying Grand Opening May 1st. Nobody notified me so I woke up this morning excited to finally work out and when I pulled up I seen a handyman there walking in so I followed. Much to my surprise it was still under construction. My heart fell. I was disappointed, angered and upset. I signed a contract with a company who could not update their website for people who really don't use facebook. To me it appeared that it was open. I took pic of this site. The owner Shannon Mcnichol was rude.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Alden, NYShe talked to me like I was bothering her and I should of known about the fire at the other location. I was more worried about the contract that I signed with no gym to go to. She handled the situation very poorly. Talked down to me like I was stupid. Saying things like I should be lucky to get a membership so cheap. She said she she didn't want me in her gym...NICE! I am a cancer survivor who after years of feeling weak and depressed finally built my self up enough to feel strong about joining a gym near my home. A place I would be feel comfortable to further my health. I'm so disappointed to have my goals shattered by such a rude and ignorant person. I'm a middle aged women who pays my bills on time and yes I was concerned about my contract and charges for a gym that I could not use. Her last words to me were I will send your contract back to you. Is that your companies mission statement to the public. Please contact me Denise [protected]

May 01, 2017

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