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Smithtown Nissan / dishonest contract negotiation/over charging what we agreed to

1 7 Cherry LaneHuntington, NY, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 631 423 4081

On July 17, my husband went shopping for our new car. We knew we would we lease. We wanted to downsize due to gas expenses. He went to Toyota tp try to get a Hygrid, but the prices were just too high. We wanted to put down no more than $1000.00 out of pocket and keep our lease prices below $400.00. We were turning over a Nissan lease so he went to Nissan. He went to Smithtwon Nissan first and worked with Brian Vasak the sales rep. Brian told my husband that he had only worked there for three weeks so he called in the manager Ray pretty quickly.

My husband was negotiating with Ray "Freida" and he had to do a lot of phone calling back and forth to me as I could not be there. It went on for some time and they were putting "deals" together and switching cars, "We can get you in this car...for $2300 "or numbers close to that. I told my husband to leave, we knew that we could not afford what they were offering and that was that. Then Ray asked my husband what it would take to not have to call me again and my husband said $1000.00 down and no more and less than $400.00 per month. They were able to work that out on a Nissan Pathfinder LE with some GPS and a DVD thrwon in. My husband called me and even though it was a gas guzzler, we knew this was a good deal so we agreed that he should stay and finish the deal.

Then comes Stan who is a fast speaker and since I have met him, I see that he rarely looks you in the eye. He never verbalized a LONG list of fees with my husband and as I gave my husband a credit card number from a credit that he did not have with him, he gave the number to Stan on a hand written piece of paper. Stan charged the card but never verbalized the LONG list of fees and never showed my husband the credit card receipt.

When we got our CitiBank statement, we were FLOORED to find out they charged 5697.14 on our card!! We Immediately called them but Bran said it was a Sunday and the managers were too busy to get back to us. I screamed that I had better get a ohone call back, but we never did and we called them 30 minutes later and were assured that they were going to "pull the file" on Monday. My husband went to Smithtwon Nissan on Monday and Ray said that Stan was not there and that he should come back on Tuesday. On Tuesday, both my husband and I went to talk to them and we met with Stan who assured us that if a mistake had been made, he would gladly fix it but it "Company Policy" that all three parties had to be together to review it, could we come back tomorrow. We pushed but there seemed to be no way to get a resolution so we camed back on Wednesay at 12:00 PM at the agreed upon time.

That was when Stan told us he reveiwed the folder (no one else was called in) and he said the bottome line is that they had a signed lease agreement. We explained that we would have NEVER!!! signed ther agreement if we knew that we were spending $5697.14 Not only do we not have that money, but it is more than we have ever paid for any lease and this would be our third NIssan Pathfinder lease and our fifth time leasing an SUV. We implored them to be honest and to admit they never reviewed the contract with my husband. Ray came in and said he remembered the sale but they were already at a loss of 2300, 1300 (the number changed..they had incentive money...

We explained that my husband had been there for hours and that they INSISTED he take the car right then and there even though he said he had no trouble coming back the next day. They pushed so hard that they had Brian drive our Honda home so my husband could drive the new Nissan off of the lot that day. Ray later mentioned how "accomodating" nthey were by doing that, but now it is clear that forcing you to take cars in a rush is there way of sealing a dishonest deal.

Theya re scam artists who have left us severe;y in debt because the charge we did not agree to put our card over the limit and changed our interest rate from 3.99 to 18.99. We NEVER WOULD HAVE AGREED TO MORE THAN 1, 000.00. That is what we knew we could afford.

Ray and Stan are dishonest scam artists that do not care about anybody. No one should ever shop there. We are filing a Police Report against them, we are filing a complaint with BBB, Andrew Cuomo's office and with our credit card company. I will also be contacting the CEO of Nissan NA and trying to implore that he refund our money. He can have the car back. We don't want it anymore anyway. We will NEVER buy another Nissan again.

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