Smithtown Nissanterrible experience

Smithown Nissan is the lowest of the low of all the car dealers, please don't go there for a car. We bought a used car in 8/05, a Nissan Altima, and didn't want the extended Warranty but the Finance guy said we would be able to get our money back if we didn't use the warranty. He slipped in a charge for it on my invoice for $140.00 in addition to the $999.00.

After our warranty was up we discovered not only did they lie about the refund, but that they back dated the policy to 2003 so we only had a warranty for less than 1 year. The warranty company was in disbelief they could do this to us, and she said that we should of gotten the policy for 999 without having to pay the 140 extra. That it's a no charge thing and that the dealer is to pay for it.

After calling them on and off for two months now, we realized that they are just ducking and weaving us, to frustrate us to the point that we just go away and forget about it. I reminded him, we have all this in writing on our invoice, the warranty and the 140 extra which says extended warranty refund, but they don't seem to care, he passed me down to his supervisor, which said he would look into the deal and get back to me, and since then has not called, or come to the phone when I call.

They also charged us 360.00 dollars for etch on windshield which we never asked for and when we confronted them about it, the Manager said don't worry we will also get that money back also. This sadly is not the last time that someone like me gets taken advantage of, but I will not buy a car without first doing a full research on the business I am dealing with. Nissan should also be informed about this dealership and they're practices.


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