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Sleep Country Canada / &New& bed possibly USED!

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Sleep Country Canada

We purchased a Tempur bed (retail cost $3,400.) from Sleep Country about one year ago, it began to sag within a month of the purchase. It was not considered defective under warranty until it sagged 1 inch or more. It did reach 1 1/4 inch sag so Sleep Country said they would replace the mattress, not the box springs. After we decided we wanted a Simmon's Beautyrest (same retail cost as previous Tempur) I informed Sleep Country that Simmons advises the Beautyrest mattress needs to be on the Simmons Triton foundation for various reasons and also we needed the low profile foundation as the Tempur box springs were several inches higher. Within 2 days of my initial complaint, Sleep Country agreed to exchange the complete Tempur set for the complete Simmons Beautyrest set straight across - great, we should have been happy right ?! In the meantime (4 days till our "new" bed would be in) I wondered what Sleep Country does with the beds they get returned from their 60 night comfort guarantee offer. I called their customer service and asked, to which they replied that they either give them to charity or resell them, so I asked how I could be sure I would be getting a new bed and not a used bed and was told that the mattresses and foundations come in heat sealed bags from the manufacturers and used beds would have the mattress bags taped up. I called Simmons and they confirmed that all mattresses and foundations are heat sealed in the bags at the factory. Guess what - all 3 of our bags were taped up. I emailed Sleep Country regarding the fact I thought we had received a used bed, got no reply, left 2 voice mail messages and got no reply. It has been 2 weeks now since I tried to contact Sleep Country customer service so now all I have left to do is caution people about shopping at Sleep Country. Apparently I should have done internet research on Sleep Country before we bought there because I have since found others who have received the same response (no response) from customer service regarding various issues. Please be sure and pass this info on to everyone you know so they too don't end up spending over $3,000.00 and ending up with a USED bed from Sleep Country, or any other store for that matter.

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  • Ne
      15th of Mar, 2009
    +2 Votes

    Agree 100%! Sleep Country Canada definitely sold me what I believe was a returned, USED bed. It had a big black scuff on one corner, and I only wish I had known about the taped up bags. I'm quite sure the delivery men took the bed out of the bag outside my front door, and now I'll bet it was so I didn't get to see that it was also a USED bed! When they took it into the room, instead of helping me move a dresser by the door so that they could enter without bending the mattress, one man slammed his shoulder in to the mattress while the other shoved it forward, bending it around the corner at 90 degrees, which I'm pretty sure bent the wire frame! But they insisted the frames are linked such that they can do this no problem! My mistake was not insisting they take it back immediately. About a year later we moved a few miles away in same town.

    A couple of years later it was obvious two things were happening: very visible sagging where we sleep and obvious sagging on the wire frame where the Sleep Country Canada delivery guys bent the frame. When I called Sleep Country Canada Customer Service, they simply ignored me! It took 41 days of calling every few days to finally get a response where the person said a "Bed Inspector" would call me. Weeks later an appointment was made for weeks after that! I believe it is their tactic to make this process so agonizing that you will just forget about it. The first inspector to come was dressed in a sloppy looking track outfit, and had I been there would not have let him in the house. To make an agonizingly long story not so long, and after the 2nd inspector regurgitated the same crap the first one espoused, I sent a Registered letter to Christine whats-her-name. It was also summarily ignored and no-one ever responded. They know you won't sue them, and I am wondering now if they already knew they were selling the company, and didn't give a rat's behind about customers at this point. One thing for sure, this "don't give a crap" attitude must have come from the top down! My registered letter basically told Christine no-one cared about my complaint and would she please look at my Call record and decide if I was just a complainer or had a valid complaint. If someone shielded her from the Registered Letter, then it was on her order I'm sure!

    So, my recommendation is avoid Sleep Country Canada like the plague!

  • Br
      26th of Mar, 2009
    -1 Votes

    I find this funny, as I was offered a return bed at a huge discount but the salesperson told me up front it was returned and I could not return it a second time. It seems to me that if you purchase some thing at a discount you should also ask why it is discounted...I have shopped many stores for my bed and found sleepcountry to have the best advise and selection. Some people just like to complain I guess.
    Keep up the good work sleepcountry I will send my friends to you .Oh and I had the same problem with my boxspring being too high, they gave me the lower at NO EXTRA CHARGE !! Great service ...the beds are great and I saved money !

  • Ma
      15th of Jun, 2010
    -1 Votes


    I believe its the consumer's responsibility to doublecheck what they get delivered before signing off on the delivery. However I'm in California so I dont know if Canada laws are different than US. If you knew the new products are heat sealed, you shuold have checked... if they were taped up on delivery you should have refused the delivery and called while the drivers were at your house.

    Looks like you took advantage of Sleep Country's comfort guarantee by switching to Simmons from your Tempurpedic, but you should have double checked the product before accepting it. If it had tape on the edges and looked remotely used, I would not have taken delivery of the product. I would have refused the delivery and called the store immediately.

    I tell all my customers that these "clearance/returned" mattresses are not brand new and thus, you are saving more $$$ on your purchase. There is no exchange option on these... but that is why you are saving so much $$. However the warranty is still active.

    @ Neophyte - Drivers would be stupid to take the mattress out of the bag outside because it'll collect damaged as it's moved/setup. Drivers take the mattress out of the bag once they're in the room they are setting up the mattress in. Certain mattresses are flexible (90degree bend) and are allowed to be bent because adjustable bases also bend the mattress. Were you home when they delivered?

    @ Bruzer - That's how we do business in California. Us americans aren't as bad as we're portrayed. Vancouver was awesome!

  • Pe
      7th of Jul, 2010
    +1 Votes

    We got screwed by them too. We bought a queen set. There is supposed to be a 10 year warranty on them. Yet when we had only had the bed a few years the whole edge sagged. If you sat on it, you almost slid on the floor and if you slept on that side you rolled towards that side!

    We called them. Complained. We had an inspector look at it. We were told that the side supports had collapsed. We were told that the type of internal support in our mattress that we have apparently is not used anymore in our model. We had them clean it to get it ready to do a so called mattress swap for a new replacement set.

    The cleaning company was supposed to notify Sleep country when it was cleaned and we were told that sleep country would be in touch with us as soon as they hear from them. It never happened. A year later we are still fighting with them to do the exchange. They now deny ever being out to inspect it or saying what they did. They apparently have "no record of it". They sent another person out today to look it and they refuse to honor their warranty and say there is nothing wrong with it. Which is the biggest load of crap I have ever heard.

    Like I said. We cannot even sit on that edge without almost ending up sliding on the floor. If you sit there you have to keep your feet on the floor so you don't end up on the floor. If you sleep on that side again.. you slide. And they say there is nothing wrong.

    This company is dishonest. They lie. They conveniently loose information or claim they don't have it. They do not honor their warranty. They are not worth the paper they are written on. We are now left having to contact the company manufacture of the mattress themselves and we hope we can get somewhere there, because we sure has hell did not get any help or any kind of apology, or help or any kind in our situation. I will never as long as I live ever purchase any kind of product ever again from Sleep Country Canada and I strongly advise anyone else to do the same. Do so and if something goes wrong with your mattress you will be screwed, just like us.

  • Im
      22nd of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes
    sleepcountry - coil broken
    North York (Toronto)

    coil of mattresses broken and it is not bounse back

  • Im
      22nd of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    i bought two king size mattresses and their coil broken and i am not feeling comfortable for sleeping

  • Me
      9th of Dec, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I totally agree with you sleep country sold me BRAND NEW MATTRESS - but to my surprise it came in a plastic bag and tape on it waoo - the mattress was my initial purchase not even an exchange and I paid the full price of the mattress.

  • Sp
      19th of Feb, 2012
    +1 Votes

    Add my husband and I to the list of disgruntled and ripped-off customers. We bought an expensive Tempurpedic mattress set from Sleep Country Canada for full price, in January 2011. We didn't know about the taped-up bag thing, and I didn't check when it was delivered. The receipt says, "AS IS MAY BE COSMETICALLY IMPERFECT", so I am now wondering if they sold us a used mattress.

    Anyway, back to the story. Despite their assurances that the mattress wouldn't off-gas, my eyes began to be increasingly bloodshot, sore, dry, and irritated after about 10 days. My husband's eyes also turned bloodshot but they weren't nearly as bad as mine. He also got itchy ears.

    I saw many different professionals to try and find the cause of my irritated, bloodshot eyes which had also started to change prescription by themselves. In doing this, I incurred a significant amount of out-of-pocket expenses.

    It took me a a full year to eliminate one by one all other possible causes: allergy to an aging kitty, intense computer work, and uncleaned furnace ducts. Finally at the end of the year I developed bronchitis and an ensuing prolonged cough so I went downstairs to sleep. After about four days, my eyes were much better and my cough was improving. Went upstairs to sleep in order to verify and my eye problem returned immediately, and coughing worsened. Went back downstairs. Eyes improved and so did cough. Bought a new mattress from a different outlet, and tried it out for 2 weeks to make sure my problem wasn't caused by something else in the bedroom. My eyes stayed clear. Then I notified Sleep Country.

    Sleep Country says they won't refund any of our money nor reimburse me for out-of-pocket medical expenses because I waited longer than the 90-day warranty. I consider this a flimsy excuse, and I think they should take responsibility for lying to us in order to sell a (possibly used) mattress that off-gassed for a year despite their claims that it wouldn't.

  • Un
      16th of Jul, 2014
    +2 Votes

    I purchased an expensive mattress from Sleep Country Canada based on information provided by their online mattress expert and in store mattress expert. I had asked for a good quality mattress that would provide me with firm support. I was told about a new mattress line from Dormeo that SCC had on promotion. SCC had 3 models to select from, I was informed that the 8500 model was the one to select based on my needs. I purchased the 8500 model based on this information.

    After sleeping in my new bed for only 4 weeks I noticed a deep impression that was so deep I could not roll out of the depression during sleep...very uncomfortable.
    I started to contact SCC February 2014 and finally received my warranty validation number 5 months later...I was made to 'jump through hoops' to get to this point. Now I find out that the 8500 model was not the correct model, I should have purchased the 6500 model which is 1500.00 dollars less...SCC will not refund the difference.

    This entire process has been frustrating to say the least, once they have your money they do not care about you. I am now forced to except the same model as my replacement or forfeit 1500.00 dollars. I guess every 4 weeks I will go through this process of obtaining a replacement mattress...very sad and expensive lesson.

  • Vp
      23rd of Dec, 2015
    +1 Votes

    I will NEVER purchase any mattress from this company everrrr again... we have had this $1600.00 mattress, no box spring, just mattress, for just shy of a year. It felt perfect to lie on in the store BUT after so many months of sleeping on it... buy 3 months, we felt it was loosing any firmness it had! We were now sleeping in memory foam hell... in a hole... to turn on our side from being on our backs, we had to lift our bodies out of a hole! Unacceptable! My daughter found the same thing and she went back to the store, complained, got another mattress, same thing happened, complained, got a third mattress, yes a third mattress, same thing... they go soft!! She and her husband are in their 20's and wake up with killer back pain! Now we are in our 50's and I am barely able to stand up! I havent called the store to complain because what are they going to do, sell me another memory foam topper so we can feel the mattress go soft again??? Now, I will be donating this barely used mattress to a charity and going to Sears and buying a mattress, a good old firm mattress like they had in the early days that lasted over 20 years!! Not a year for Gods sake. Keep money people and buy a good mattress $somewhere, anywhere else but Sleep Country!! We ares so unsatisfied, I CANT believe we wasted so much money. HATE saggy mattresses, so does my back... I ended up in the hospital (have records to prove it) for low back pain from my bed... needed a morphine shot and a Oxicodone.

  • Mu
      7th of Jun, 2016
    +2 Votes

    I agree with all the comments I am regretting why I did not check the reviews before buying it and that even I came to know when I tried to post mine than I realized that people already have bad experiences I bought a new matress from them and when I went for their comfort exchange prog. They are not doing it. Just making lame excuses. It's the most pathetic business in Canada

  • Ne
      6th of Aug, 2016
    +1 Votes

    I have al the same complaints and can't get my money back. Shouldn't we band together and fight that cheating company? They are making millions by ripping us off and I cant' afford it. I'll have to keep this piece of junk if I can't sell it at a greatly reduced price. I'll check back in a few weeks to see if any one want to go after SCC with a lawyer. I just complained to the Better Business Bureau and that's the least you all should do.

  • Mu
      6th of Aug, 2016
    +1 Votes

    Better business Bureau. The sleep country does not car for them Bec they don't have any legal right to force them your solution . Sleep country is pathetic .

  • Na
      6th of Aug, 2016
    +1 Votes

    Sleep Country is the worst mattress company that I have ever experienced in every way. I bought an expensive mattress that cost thousands of dollars and it started to sag just after a few months. Its been 3 years now and it came to the point that I can no longer tolerant sleeping on it. When I lie on this bed, it sagged in at least 6 or more inches, but it returned to original shape if I don't lie on it. The salesman told me my mattress has half foam and half coils, but I feel like I am sleeping on a piece of thick cheap foam, like those thick foam you can find at HomeDepot. I tried to lean the mattress again the wall to reorganise my room furniture but this mattress bent and cannot to put in upright position (I wonder if there is any coils in it). Sleep Country customer service never returns calls. I WILL NEVER BUY FROM THIS COMPANY AGAIN!!!

  • Bo
      22nd of Jul, 2017
    0 Votes

    I bought a new mattress from sleep country and the mattress start to have a big lump forum under my back area. I called the store and they gave me the number for Sleep Country customer service. I contacted them and they sent me a list of things they needed for warranty. I took pictures of the problem and they replaced the bed. The second bed did the same thing... The third bed did the same thing... I replaced the forth bed with another manufacture and it was so hard I could not sleep on it... I called sleep country and I got them to replace this bed with a new bed... 90 day sleep guarantee. It cost me the 52.50 to replace that bed... The new bed will be here this Sunday... I will turn it every time I change my sheets to try and stop the lumps from forming... Will keep you updated... The staff at Sleep Country Red Deer and the warranty department have been great... The problem is the manufacture... I might get a new bed every 3 months but it is not Sleep Country's fault... Cheers to a good night sleep.

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