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This website has turned into nothing but click bait and waste of time. the worst case, in a long series of cases, occurred today. a price advertised at 71$ but after clicking through to the next page the price jumped up to 761$ Really?? Why waste peoples time, and try to gouge them for every cent they have. In all honesty it has been painful using your website. This is the last time. I will now use your competition's services. You have lost me and my close travel friends. At least other companies don't jerk you around. Every since you sold your company its been bad, and I bet your losing business all the time. How can you go from so good to so bad? too much emphasis on gauging your the end you will have no customers left.

Jul 30, 2018
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  •   Jul 30, 2018

    It’s a shame when a company without a name does that. Warning others of the unnamed company really helps.

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