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Skout banned my account because someone actually hacked my account and sent spam using my account to other Skout users. I see no way that this is my fault and I've appealed the ban to no avail. Skout simply informed me that it is their "policy" to ban users for "innappropriate content." As I said, I'm not at fault because somebody hacked my account. [protected]

May 20, 2014
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  • Ki
      Jan 24, 2013
    Skout - change date of birth

    how can i change my skout date of birth

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  • Bg
      Jun 25, 2013
    Skout - Terminating my account
    United States

    I'm trying to perminatetly delete this account and its giving me a hard time I did the whole FAQ n it kept sending me back to download the app I jus want this account deleted its giving me problems in my personal life

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  • Ma
      Aug 30, 2013
    Skout - Banned for no reason
    Australian Capital Territory

    I have been on skout for a few years now and all of sudden was blocked to to violation of terms and conditions... I had done nothing wrong am respectful and as said have been happy user for a while... Please un block my account [protected]

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  • Ca
      Jul 16, 2014

    I made my Facebook when I was in the 6th grade, so I did lie about my age on Facebook I put 1991 as my year but really the year I was born was 1999. My age and everything was completely true on skout but once I connected to Facebook it said I violated the terms of service. I just got this account and would like it back I really enjoyed the app too : [protected]

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  • Li
      Aug 08, 2014

    Hello pls help I did something wing and my scout account is locked how can I unblock my account and use scout again pls help pls help me so much I'm so sorry pls help I have a lot of friends pls help me

    Mahm0ud.[protected] that's my email pls help me

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  • El
      Dec 09, 2014

    i dont know what going on with my skout application i was remove without knowing the violation that i was told that i had created i would like for my ban to be lifted their are hater out there who dont like me especially this one female who say she would do whatever it take to remove my service from my phone she still my phone and harrase me im not marry to her or neither her boyfriend please do not let her get into my skout line ever again she terrible if she was the cause of the violation i never used foul language orany foul picture on this application please restore my service

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  • Ho
      Apr 09, 2015

    My emailed was banned how can I appeal to get reinstated my name Howard L Exum email is exum.[protected]@yahoo.comcan I get a response one way or another

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