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  • Te
      Apr 04, 2015

    I join the group. I purchased a Titanium watch and the crystal cracked within 5 months. It looks horrible now. I should ware it to show expose the company. Sold at Dillards!

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  • Ja
      Apr 08, 2015

    I've only just seen all these comments about Skagen watches - I wish I had seen them before I bought one! I was given a Amazon voucher - so used it towards buying a Skagen watch which was only worn three times before it stopped. I sent it to Fossil who want to charge nearly as much as the watch cost to mend it. The watch is less than a year old but Fossil say because it was bought from Amazon, the guarantee does not apply - Amazon is not an approved retailer! Did anybody else know this? Not sure whether to pay to get the watch mended if it is such poor quality as everyone says! You live and learn but I will never buy Skagen again.

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  • He
      Jun 05, 2015

    I bought a Skagen watch about two months ago. It's one of the new design ladies watches. Nice big face and simple, slim design. I've had exactly the same problem. I looked down at my watch to see the time one day and noticed a big crack across the face. I hadn't dropped it or hit it on anything. It's winter and the watch is covered by layers of fabric so it is virtually impossible for any shock to occur. I think the most likely thing that happened is going from cold outside to warm inside has caused an expansion and contraction issue. On the back it says the glass is super hardened mineral crystal. What a joke. I have ordered a new crystal for it and have been waiting for three weeks already. Such a shame Skagen are not acknowledging this problem. I had no idea they were made in Asia. It doesn't say so on the watch. Never again.

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  • Ir
      Jun 06, 2015

    I am jiust heartsick over my Skagen Watch...I just purchased it on December 3, 2014 and have used it sparingly because it looks so delicate. MY PROBLEM, , , , , IT KEPT FALLING OFF AND I AM HAPPY THAT I WAS ABLE TO FIND IT UNTIL YESTERDAY...I WENT BACK TO THE STORE AND THE SALESPERSON TOLD ME SHE HAD ONE AND HAD TO GIVE IT BACK AND EXCHANGE IT FOR ANOTHER WATCH BECAUSE IT KEPT FALLING OFF. I cannot exchange it because I cannot find it but believe me I would return it in a minute...I am retired and cannot buy watches and replace them for more money...You should be ashamed of yourselves for putting that junk on the market! Irma Domecq...dissatisfied customer for sure! Are you going to do anything for us or just continuing to take our money from us? SHAME ON YOU~!

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  • Lo
      Jun 28, 2015

    I purchased my first Skagen ladies watch with a rose gold band when on holidays in the U.k. Within a month the glass had cracked I'm two spots without me having hit in on anything. I paid $100 AUD to have the glass replaced and within a month it had cracked overnight whilst in its case. So I laid another $79 to have it replaced. It then happened again within a month and Skagen sent back a brand new watch. However in less than a week it has cracked overnight whilst in it's case. I am disgusted!

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  • Mi
      Jun 29, 2015

    Same story here. Purchased watch six moths ago. Crystal sustained a small deep scratch within the first six weeks; don't know when it happened. Then last week I glanced down to check the time and there was a large north-to-south crack in the crystal. This is the most fragile watch I've ever owned. Loved the style; wished I'd checked for complaints before I bought it. Won't purchase again without evidence of a significant improvement in quality.

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  • An
      Jul 06, 2015

    My name is Anthony Sun and I am interested to order one piece of Skagen Watch Men Model 984LRLB with Black Leather Strap
    but it seems everywhere is out of stock. I have make many enquiries but it seems no one can assist me. I wish to buy this watch
    for my father's birthday on 27th July and can any one email me: [protected]
    Maybe some one can tell me where I can this item online. Thank you.

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  • Mi
      Jul 27, 2015

    I bought my wife a Skagen watch aobut four months ago. She looked at her watch yesteday and the crystal was broken. She doesn't remember hitting anything remarkable with it, nor did she drop it. I should have heeded all the warnings not to purchase a Skagen because the crystals are tender.

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  • Ja
      Aug 26, 2015

    I received a Skagen as a gift. While it looks very elegant I would NEVER recommend this brand. I rarely wear mine since it's a dress watch and just leave in my drawer. Well, it slowly loses time and then stops altogether. Initially, I thought it was the battery but I have changed it twice in the last 3 months and it's the same story. It's running right now but if I look at it after a week I bet it will be off by several hours and if I look at it again after a few months it would have come to a complete stop - because this is what has happened in the past. I checked their website and they supposedly have a lifetime warranty, but they need the original receipt. Well, I don't HAVE the receipt since it was given to me as a Christmas gift so I guess I'm out of luck? I contrast this with my daily wear Seiko, which I have had since 1982 - the face is yellowed out and it looks a bit like an antique but it runs flawlessly. And over the last 30+ years I have changed the battery maybe 4 or 5 times - I have changed the battery in the Skagen almost as many times in about 4 years and it has never behaved after the first year or so. If anyone is thinking about buying this brand, just stay away - that's my $0.02 worth

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  • Ed
      Sep 09, 2015

    I purchased 2 Skagen watches and they both had issues, the second hand would work for a while and then all of a sudden it stop moving, and the funny thing it always stop on 12 o'clock push the button it ticks away for about an hour and then it stops again. Sent both back to Nordstrom for a full refund. Take it from me stay away Skagen that watch is no good, looks good that's about it, hell there are a lot of things that look good on you until you get it, then you know it was just the look that got you.The watch is no good...

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  • De
      Oct 14, 2015

    I have a very attractive Skagen rose gold large face ladies watch which has had the face crack while I lay asleep.
    This is the second time this has happened to this watch model. I returned the first to the Fossil repair centre by post and it was replaced for free within about 6 weeks. I will have to repeat this process once again but surely there is some thng fundamentally flawed in the quality of this product.
    I have owned one other Skagen watch which still works and has been totally reliable but this newer model had been most disappointing in its durability.

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  • Aj
      Oct 26, 2015

    Had mine for only a few weeks, yes a lovely design but the glass lens is far to fragile, just cracked with general wear, I don't even recall anything more that a bump. I got mine on sale and so based on the above and other comments, will give Skagen a wide berth and avoid buying another one!

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  • Me
      Nov 19, 2015

    Style over substance!! Very disappointed with my Skagen watch, the glass cracked, of course it's not under guarantee & I've no idea how it happened, but it certainly wasn't dropped. Slow, expensive & a hassle to get it replaced. I've never had a watch face crack before, they must be very flimsy.

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  • Cj
      Nov 29, 2015

    I had a wonderful Skagen watch, lasted several years and then the strap needed replacing. I went with my husband into a Skagen shop and as the strap was £45, he said he would buy me a new watch. I gave my old watch to my daughter in law who had the strap fixed ...marvellous for her with her new baby, because it is so flat. The surface of my new watch has cracked, after 3 months I have not done anything other than wear it normally. My husband took it back to Skagen and they said it was my fault. It will cost me £28 to have repaired and at this time of year take up to 8 weeks. Worst of all, I have recommended Skagen to others. I will not buy a Skagen again and will suggest to anyone wanting to buy one they should look at this site before deciding. I'm angry with the lack of customer care and to be told something was my fault when clearly Skagen watches have a problem with cracks.

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  • Rr
      Dec 19, 2015

    Just purchased my second skagen watch whilst on a holiday. The sales lady said it was a fine choice and set the time and date. On the way home noticed the day had partially moved off the day (Tue) at 1pm. Tried to readjust it and noticecd 2 things. 1 it wouldn't let me rotate the days and 2nd there are 2 yes 2 "16" days. I never knew months contained 2 days being the 16th. Re first fault had to wait until following day to change day. Does this mean I will have the problem every Tuesday? I will call the repair shop tomorrow but having read the previous comments it appears I will have problems getting repaired.

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  • Ge
      Jan 18, 2016

    I have owned this watch for two and a half years. I was outside in the Florida heat using the hose and I heard a loud pop. I looked down and my watch had a crack around the perimeter of the crystal.

    I set my watch band down on the vanity in the bath, took a shower and found it had cracked again in the exact same fashion. Lovely watch, crap crystal. Surely this is a design issue. Very disappointed in Pompano.

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  • Al
      Jan 29, 2016

    I read all the messages here In this page and it seems that the most common problem with Skagen watches is the cracking of the crystal. I bought a Skagen watch in California and brought it with me to my country in the Philippines. After a month, the crystal cracked. I thought, mine was an isolated case but reading the complaints above, there is a serious design problem for these watches. Never mind, I regretted very much to have spent my precious hard earned dollars on this watch just to get the crystal broken after a month or so.

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  • Mo
      Feb 09, 2016

    I received a Skagen watch at xmas and have only been wearing it for less that two months, then today I went to check the time on my watch and there was a great big crack right across the face It. The model is SKW2325. My partner who bought me the watch did not believe me when I said i hadn't dropped it or banged it. Was so disappointed but decided to google to find out if this was a problem and couldn't believe it when I came across this site. Will show this site to my partner tomorrow. Can't believe so many people have experienced the same problem. So disappointed, thought it was a lovely watch but manufacturing and quality seem to be a big problem. Will steer clear of ever buying another Skagen watch and will let my friends and colleagues know to do the same. Looking at all these complaints, I think Skagen need to do something about this and address these problems.

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  • Di
      Apr 03, 2016

    I wondered if Skagen watches were particularly fragile. I'm in my 60s and have owned many watches. I've never had a broken glass, so far as I can recall. I bought a Skagen watch in 2014. In April 2015 I was in Paris. I suddenly noticed a crack, right across the glass. I hadn't dropped the watch. Maybe I knocked it carting my luggage onto Eurostar. However, I returned it to John Lewis and they sent it away. Fortunately it was only just out of warranty so Skagen replaced the glass for no charge. This week I noticed that the glass is, again, cracked. Again, I have not dropped the watch. I am not a person who is bashing around, so my conclusion is that the glass must be very fragile. Most disappointing. I now have to find a repair place, as I have moved house this year. At least I realise that it is not just me who has suffered this problem! I feel disappointed that a watch I have coveted for quite a long time is not up to the job. My old, trustee Swatch never goes wrong/gets broken.

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  • Lo
      Apr 19, 2016

    Same here. Crystal cracked without me realising it after less than 2 months. Didn't even drop or bump it hard. Obviously Skagen has some issues they need to resolve. Unfortunately I don't see any response or improvement from them. Perhaps they just can't be bothered to sustain their business for a long time I guess. Very unusual for a European company to perform so badly.

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  • Ab
      May 02, 2016

    Just 4 days wear my skagen watch, it got scratch on the surface...
    a few hours later, it got cracked...very disappointed for this matter...
    threw my $113 for nothing...

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  • Lo
      May 02, 2016

    I emailed them telling them my problem and this thread and they told me that straps, casing and crystal do not represent their quality LMAO! They also said that it is normal the the crystal cracks when you unknowing smash on something or drop it. I don't think they would ever improve if they don't admit and acknowledge their problems. I told them that although I really love their designs and would even consider to get skagen in the future if the problem is solved, I will not consider it again. I told them they are doomed with such attitude

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  • Vi
      Jul 24, 2016

    I also had a crystal crack, just 6 months and after NO knocks or bumps. I duly sent it to Fossil (Am UK based) who quoted me a reasonable figure (Under £30) to replace it. I has read that the glass wasn't covered, so was happy to pay because this is a beautiful looking watch which keeps it's time well.
    Less than 6 months later, the number 9 on the dial as come completely adrift and the glass has cracked in EXACTLY the same place, again after no knocks or bumps.
    I don't think I'll bother to get it repaired again after what I've read on here.

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  • Sh
      Sep 15, 2016

    I recently purchased a skagen women's watch with mesh band about 2 months ago. One day while attending a wedding, I noticed a small crack on the face of the watch. Then it became a big crack. I replaced the crystal because I know that the warranty does not cover the crystal and then this morning after 2 weeks of replacement, the watch crystal cracked again. I put it on this morning, took public transportation to work, then I looked at my watch and it was crack! HOW? Anyways, I would not recommend this watch because of the poor quality of the crystal.

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  • Ch
      Oct 18, 2016

    I'm sorry to see so many complaints about this brand because it looks like issues with it simply are not addressed. My son chose this for his birthday two years ago and hasn't worn it more than 3 times since. Each time, the pin holding the bracelet to the watch breaks off. We've tried stronger pins, but it's because of the poor design. Looks nice, just won't hold up. My husband hasn't given up, but I think we may end up with something else breaking - as many of you have reported. And, like you, we will never purchase Skagen again.

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  • Di
      Jan 03, 2017

    Skagen was a high quality watch company at one time, but has now really declined. They used to have a lifetime warranty on the total watch. Now they have a "limited" lifetime warranty on just parts of a watch. Now they charge a huge price to replace their fragile odd sized crystals when they break. Seiko is now a better watch, in my opinion. I bought the first Skagen watch for 3 reasons. The titanium case, the thiness of the case, and the lifetime warranty. With problems they are having with quality, the mesh band, and the fragile crystals, along with the hideous blue watch face, I won't buy one again.

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  • Ka
      Aug 15, 2017

    Last Christmas I bought my mother a beautiful Skagen watch . Within a month it was losing time . I brought it back to the store where they wanted to charge me to have it sent to Texas to be repaired . I balked at this and the store sent it as it was under warranty . SIx weeks later the watch was delivered to my mailbox. My mother put it on for two hours and it started to lost time again .My Mother brought it to a local jewellery store in Renfrew Ontario . The watch repair person stated that the watch had never been repaired and replaced the missing part. .The watch is working but this Christmas I am buying my Mother a Bulova or Citizen watch from the store in Renfrew . I will never buy a Skagen watch or shop at a Watchit Store again.

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  • Na
      Sep 16, 2017

    Fully agree with the comments regarding fragility of Skagen watch glass. Skagen watch has the worst crystal glass. Do not buy!

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  • Av
      Sep 23, 2017

    Skagen watches are a POS. Purchased a new watch and within a couple of weeks the crystal just shattered. All was good when I took the watch off to go to sleep and put my iPad ontop of the watch overnight to find a broken crystal in the morning. Got the crystal replaced and a few days later it cracked again but this time there was nothing ontop of it just woke to a cracked crystal. Didn't bother wearing the watch and the crack got worse and the crystal started to shattered under its own tension. Honestly don't know how they get away with selling such rubbish products, feel sorry for anyone purchasing a skagen watch because by design they will fail regardless of how careful you are because the crystal cracks under its own tension. AVOID!

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  • Vi
      Nov 17, 2017

    Horrible brand ..never ever buy this brand..I didn't even realize about the broken the problem is of replacement as they don't have any service centre in delhi ncr..HORRIBLE QUALITY OF CRYSTAL..NEVER BUY IT..

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  • Ih
      Jan 04, 2018

    I barely use my Skagen, and the crown fell off. With such light use, what else can I say other than I can no longer respect this company for their lack of quality. DO NOT BUY SKAGEN.

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  • Si
      Mar 11, 2018

    I think Skagen watches are very attractive and expensive looking but any repairs or battery replacents are very expensive, very often costing more than half the original cost of the watch. I have experienced a broken crystal which happened during the night while the watch was laying flat on my bedside cabinet and also numbers and letters falling off the watch face. I took the watch in to a local jewellers who quoted me over £90 for repair but said it would have to be sent back to Skagen as they could not do it themselves. I of course refused the quote because it was almost as much as I paid for the watch. I have since done some research on Skagen watches and find they are put together in Asia from parts from various Chinese and Japanese companies. The watch parts are cheap and the quartz movements are Myota (Citizen) Japanese manufactured which can be bought for around £5 or £6 on ebay while a replacement crystal, while difficult to find in the U.K., can be sourced from the U.S. for around $3 to $4.
    I would never again buy a Skagen watch and would certainly not recommend them.

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  • La
      Dec 19, 2018

    @Sirdi Skagen look good and the name implies "quality from scandanavia" .. but.. all is misleading ( deliberately)- as made in china, cheaply but charged at a european quality rate= rip off. I attempted to replace battery. Steel back was eventually prized off- extremely difficult! with a strong thin knife blade. Never got the back to snap back- impossible. Tried gradual pressure in a bench vice ( with padded protection to face) = cracked face. As we say in Oz, Skagen is a piece of crapp! poorly designed ( likely never tested prioe to release) and the marketing/ image is misleading. I have many = 15+ cheap "copy" watches - most + 20 years old still working perfectly and have had no issues replacing battery or pressing their snap backs "on". The Skagen looked good but 1st attempt to replace battery= disaster! Larry

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  • Be
      Feb 27, 2019

    We bought a ladies Skagen watch 2 years ago looks like the same design as on the picture at the beginning of the complaints for Skagen. It also stopped withins a few weeks. Same rigmarole, put in new battery (at our expense as it is not covered even if it is within a few weeks) then it stopped again about 2 weeks later with the new battery. We had to contact Fossil who now own Skagen and we were told we had to post the watch to Fossil service centre, at our expense and then pay for the postage back as well.
    We have 2 other Skagen watches (a man's and a ladies) which has been working fine for about 3 years. It seems that some models of Skagen watches were faulty and the support service is hopeless. It's a real pity as they have some nice designs although not cheap, they're still a relatively expensive watch. It looks like whoever now manages the company is pretty hopeless and it will take a lot of apologies and work to ever get any confidence back in the market.

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