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Leeds, England, South Yorkshire, GB

Came in for a family drink and a bite to eat. My sister went to the bar and I was seated talking to the family. My sister returned from the bar telling me that we had been told to drink up and leave as I was barred for attacking a bar person. I approached the bar to ask what was going in and explained that I was not the person in question. Other people even told them it wasn't me but they was addiment it was me who had done this. The bar staff involved were completely hostile and had a very aggressive attitude towards me and as I looked around I could clearly see that everyone in the pub was looking at me things became so heated at one point half the pub was edging for a fight and one of the bar staffs friend who was a customer gave me a load of abuse for raising my voice to her friend the bar woman. Because of this incident I feel very upset and don't wish to go out to a pub in the near future as it's upsetting the staff can treat a customer like that. I would have liked to imagine a certain level of training was provided to staff for situations like this so that things can be calmed and rather than throwing fuel to the fire. I also found the woman involved in the original incident and I will submit both mine and her photos to be assessed. I am under the impression you keep cctv evidence for two years after an incident so if you could look over the footage and rule me out that would be great. I don't even believe I bear any resemblence to the other woman the bar staff that were involved last night 17/11/2017 are called chole and Emily. The bar man was the only member of staff to offer any assistance to me at this time and I would hope he is awared for his approach which was far more calming and controlled. I hope you will be in touch soon with a response
Thanks Catherine Bailey
My photo is on the right in the green jacket

Nov 18, 2017

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