Six Flags Over Georgiadeceptive pricing practices

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It is not surprise Six Flags has filed bankruptcy. They have adopted the model of airline companies where they treat their customers poorly and develop deceptive practices to attract customers.

Six Flags Over Georgia promotes everyone pays kids price. What they fail to tell you is that the ticket needs to be purchased on the web. There is no mention of this on the web. When you arrive to purchase a ticket, the price is different. For example, my daughter paid $40.00 for an entrance fee when the advertised fee is $29.99. If Six Flags thinks hard working class people like me will look past this, they are mistaken. I can assure you as a Georgia resident; this was the last visit to their park. I would strongly encourage people to avoid this park. They deserve the financial difficulties encountered due to their business practices.

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  • Sh
      Jul 21, 2009

    In addition to the deception ads, I just found out that If you lose your season pass at Six Flags Over Georgia and someone else finds it and attempts to use your card, they confiscate it...guess what happens next? When you find that the pass is missing and go to will call to have another one issued, they tell you because it was confiscated because someone tried to use it, you have to pay the full price for another season pass. I thought this to be outrageous and have contacted consumer affairs.

    For some reason companies like this just don't value the customer and I agree...for that reason they lose the customer and end up in bankruptcy.

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  • La
      Jul 05, 2013

    my experience at six flags over Georgia was terrible they confiscated our season passes for no real reason . I believe they didn't activate them and when we tried to use them something went wrong, at first we had gold season passes and then we added white water to them and the first day we tried to use them they took them, and now they want us to pay
    it again if we want them back they are thieves that just want to get easy money six flags was my favorite park but now i hate them and i don't recommend them.

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  • Te
      Jul 27, 2014

    i was at your park in georgia today with my 6 year old son. we got there 1015 and left at about 230 so my son could get his water clothes from the car. we returned thru the re-entry line and i was told i could not enter because of my socks. when i asked why i was told that i should have read your policy befor hand so i then asked to speak to a manager. i was immediatly greeted by a front gate supervisor who told me the same thing and showed me a paper with the guidelines which i honestly still didnt see any which would apply. so i then asked if i could roll my socks down into my shoe i was told no again so i then said i would like my money back then i was again told no. i started to get very frusterated at this point and more security started coming up to me and my son. i then asked my son out loud did he think my socks were offensive now this is a 6 year old boy he replied no. i then said i know somewhere here sells socks i will simply buy some socks they directed and followed me as if i was a criminal or something thus making me very uncomfortable and unhappy. i get in the store and finally find some batman socks and befor i could go to the check out counter here comes a cobb county police officer. he said the problem between you and six flags is between them and you but i can detain you for disorderly conduct. i laughed in sarcasm at the officer which he did not seem to like and asked him and the security was it that serious. the officer replied yes and i said look at the look on my son face i hope you remember him and his face of being unhappy n confused of why his dad had to go thru all this simply just trying to take him back in the park to the water park. i am very unhappy with this whole experience i am not from georgia and have traveled from maryland to come to your park and to see family and i have to leave my son with a memory like this :(

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