Six Flags NJracism against my 10yr old son

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While on vacation during the month of august2008, my son was singled out of a bunch of kids while online at the eltoro ride, after waiting 2and a half hours to ride and was told he jumped the line and was sent out without riding. On line with him were five otheryouths, all of which were white. My son being the only black kid with them was sent back by himself. Now im a white man and my wife (His mom) is puertorican, ya see my son is adopted. We went to the guy giving out the tickets and explained what happened to my son, the guy called security 2 times, they never showed up. We were told to go to customer relations. We went and filed a written complaint. The agent at cust. Rel. Called security 3 times and we waited half hour before security finally showed up. The outcome was no results, just total coverup. 3 instant access passes for rides. Try explaining what just took place to your kid. Pretty sad for six flags. Yes what an adventure! We will never return...

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      Oct 05, 2008

    Racism in New Jersey or any where in the world is really sad. I'm sorry that happened to a family trying to do business with the Amusement park and have fun. Racial or any form of discrimination can ruin your entire day (or years).

    As a teenager I was in a department store. I began talking on the CB radio on the shelf. A young caucassion boy also began using another CB. He was cursing over the air and being very obnoxious. I was obeying all laws and correctly using the CB. The CB radios were all turned on for public use and evaluation.

    Yet, the store clerk claim and ordered me off the CB radio. The clerk said nothing to the caucassion boy who was perverse and violating laws for CB use.

    As an adult, I'm still experiencing racism and discrimination. I'm very committed to addressing racism in the areas that I live in.

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      Oct 12, 2009

    My family also experienced racism at Six Flags New Jersey in July 2008. A security guard called my husband a "stupid monkey", to my sons face, over a misunderstanding on smoking stations in the park. It was extremely upsetting and humiliating. We were offered free passes be the head security guard, and told there would be an investigation, but nothing happened. We haven't been back and I'm still extremely hurt and angry after all this time. I don't understand why Governor Corzine doesn't intervene, this really is unacceptable.

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