Six Flags Great Adventurelong lines, broken rides, bad service

L Review updated:

During my stay yesterday, there were only long lines (more than 1 hour) and longer lines on the most popular rides. The park was understaffed, rides were closed or stalled due to mechanical failure, and when I complained, I was told by Cody (badge #220) that this was the way it is. When I complained about Cody, the kind folks at Gueast Relations told me that Cody told the truth. Don't go. Big RIP OFF.

If there are any attorneys out there, this is the stuff that class action suits are made of. Let's do it.


  • K
      Aug 25, 2008

    I also went to Great Adventures on 8/24/2008, and found it was a Great Ripp-off, because the do not let you know before you pay your money that some larger than average people will not be able to fit on the rides...So they take your money, and when you finally after a 2 hour wait you get to the ride, you find out that the seats are to small...And finally, when you go to guest services, they tell you there is no refunds and to just enjoy the games (that mind you also cost money) and entertainment...So when all is said and done I spent $50 + tax to look at people dressed up in costumes...For that i could have stayed home and watch the loonet tune hour...

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  • M
      Sep 01, 2008

    CALLING ALL CIVIL LAWYERS...On August 27 my son and his girflriend and myself took a recent trip to Great Adventure in Jackson New Jersey. The day started out ok until we sat down for lunch. There we were eating at one of the tables near the Ferris Wheel watching the Parade of Mascots when all of a sudden one of the Mascots named "MADDOG" jumped out of the line and ran to our table he then proceeded to pick up my bottle of coke that i was drinking motioned like he was going to" drink it" then shook the bottle of coke as hard as he could and " I mind you not tossed it at me ... intentionally threw it at me...threw it at me" it bounced off me and fell on the floor. We were shocked...not to mention humiliated...embarassed... and hurt ... it ruined our whole day. I went to guest relations and explained... they tried to mend it by giving me a free pass...I was assaulted by an employee of thier park... like the lady in the first commentary said "this is what class action suits are made" of LETS DO IT!!!

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  • J
      Sep 21, 2008

    I went to six flags over georgia yesterday. I was appauled by the number of cursing employees, the breaks in line, and the number of people texting or using cell phones during ride operation. The park is unsafe. When employees are texting they are not paying attention to ride safety. The employees were rude to my children in myself. One kid at the Front of the scream machine who was black spit his drink on everyone on the ride. When told on, the other black employees did not want to get involved. So, if you want to get spit on, being around crusing staff, and lastly the tram lady almost ran over my child and myself in the parking lot and laid on the horn and yelled from the tram as she passed by.

    I spend 3000 a year going to disney and I WILL NEVER RETURN TO SIX FLAGS. I encourage you to put this company out of business as they do not have the leadership or management to enforce a good family experience.

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  • A
      Sep 22, 2008

    This year my family has had a pass to SF in Jersey... this is our 2nd pass & it will be our last one. We stopped going to Hurricane Harbor due to the nasty people from NYC that go... & if Six Flags doesn't get their act together, they will close one day. Its very sad that I grew up going to SF over GA ( & LOVED IT !!! )_ & its come to this. Employees are terrible... NO decent customer service anywhere... the food is terrible & totally overpriced. Its very apparent that they want to rip off customers in every way you turn around & what ever happened to the shuttle back to your car ???... my kids are exhausted & we have to hike back... way back to the car due to the fact that they block off so many parking spaces for a ridiculous extra 10 bucks that are the closet to the entrance. DISNEY would NEVER DO THIS !!! I think that SF should take some lessons from Disney & maybe Sam Walton if they expect to stay in business...or it will become a trashy place with nothing but trashy people going... almost already is... wake up executives !!! you are clueless !!!

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  • S
      Oct 14, 2008

    I went to six flags on sunday oct. 12 2008. I waited for an hour for our first ride of the day. When we got on the rollercoaster it stopped at the top. We were stuck there for about five minutes. I decided to take a quick pic on my phone of my 5 year old daughter. I was quickly escorted to the security office where i was treated like a common criminal. I'm a history teacher and have never even recieved a speeding ticket. To be treated this way is ridiculous. When I asked to see this policy in writting I was told there are signs. The signs do not say you will be removed and the security guard (caitlyn) had trouble even finding anything on the sign. Besides this awful rule when we asked to get our money back Mr. Lariccia the "supervisor" came out of his booth and raised his closed fists in the face of my girlfriend and said "You better leave before you have bigger problems". This is assualt. We are currently filing in Massachusetts court system where they will probaly dismiss the case. Six flags is ANTI_FAMILY and I would encourage anyone to save themselves a small fortune by spending quality family time at the beach or local state park instead of giving it to corporate America.

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  • A
      Oct 19, 2008

    Hi Mr. Shapiro,

    My family & I spent a columbus day weekend at lake george ny and bought a season pass for 2009 and we ask about the parking pass because we are from New Jersey but we were told that we can only use the parking pass at lake george so we didnt bother buying it. and yesterday we went to six flag in Jacksonville and bought a season parking pass and was kind the confuse because the last time we went to six flag we didnt have the a season pass and only bought a season parking pass and they gave us a sticker. So we went to guest information and ask because we did not purchase the season pass in jacsonville Mary/Patti senior supervisor gave us a hard time only refund us the $30.00 out of $45.00 because we need to pay the parking for yesterday stay and Mary told us only way I can get the season parking pass printed on our card is to pay difference of lake george escape rate season pass vs jacsonville rate which is not fare at all an you think I will drive 400 mile away from home and spent a $150.00 in gas to save $45.00 you got to be kidding and how can you make Mary / Patti a supervisor if they cannot help to satified the customer and treat them unfairly hoping this email will let you know how your employee treated your customer. I will probably also email our radio station what kind of experience I gotten buying a season pass and was treated unfairly.

    Best Regards,

    Mrs. Carter

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  • S
      Jul 22, 2009

    I've been to all the parks and have had a fantastic time. I think you all deserve what you got. You sound like miserable people.

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  • B
      Jul 25, 2009

    I've been going to Six Flags, Great Adventure for many years now. I used to go once or twice a week in the summer. You all sound like miserable people who are searching for reasons to destroy Six Flags' reputation. You keep comparing it to Disney World (I've been their dozens of times) and it's a completely different experience! Six Flags is a one-day amusement park; Disney is 10-day family vacation. Oh, and I'm sorry, rude NYC people? I'm from New York and I have no problem admitting we have some real tasteless characters here, but you can find trash ANYWHERE. My cousin worked at Six Flags and trust me, dealing with people like you can really take a toll on a person. Perhaps their are some rude employees, but maybe that's because they're working 12-hour days in the sun with obnoxious, dissatisfied, pessimistic people like you. Grow up.

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  • J
      Jul 26, 2009

    LOVE what BeeScansz and six flags fun wrote! How ignorant is it to not go to a park because of "trashy" NYers? I mean people can say the same thing about the people in the "armpit of america"

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  • S
      Jul 30, 2009

    you people are ridiculous
    you remind me about the lady who won millions of dollars in the hot coffee lawsuit with mcdonalds.
    its an amusement park, if you don't like the people, don't go. simple as that
    the people running the park have millions come every year and you complaining about long lines isn't going to put them out of business, becuase they have thousands of local kids (just like me) who go there numerous times a year and don't care about service or anything. This is because we are all there to have fun and go on the rides.

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  • S
      Oct 26, 2009

    I went to six flags and got out of line to go to the bathroom and was treated like a criminal i got thrown out of the park just because i asked why i was being told to leave the security guard bushed herself up against me and yelled in my face i am fortyseven years and never been thrown out from any where

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  • T
      Mar 25, 2010

    My husband and I took our 5 year old grandson to Six Flags San Antonio for his first spring break Thursday, March 18th. We were on a long ling for the Log Flume or whatever it is called there. 30 to 40 minutes into the line were were corralled into the center of the Castle then on comes the plasma televisions playing Lady GaGa where everyone is wearing nude bodysuits. My grandson is now asking us where here clothes are...still annoyed with Six Flags so I e-mailed them on Monday about the situation. They e-mailed me a form letter saying that they were sorry and to please come again! Disney was sued because Mickey was seen without a head...we were basically held hostage and made to watch what I would consider porn for a 5 year old!

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  • D
      Aug 13, 2010

    I took 14 teenagers to Six Flags in Jackson, NJ last October (2009) for Fright Fest. It was my daughter's 17th Birthday and she wanted to do something special. So, I bought the tickets online- first mistake-- hired a van and set out at 6 pm. for the park. It was raining in town when we left, but it cleared by the time we arrived 40 mintes later at the park.
    The first thing we did was to check in at the "Guest Services" desk near the front turnstiles as instructed online. First problem- the tickets I had printed out were not valid, or so they said. So the ticket agent printed a new set. At this point, the skies opened up like they must have for the occupants of Noah's Ark. Some of the kids had no rain gear.
    The staff at "Customer Service" were agreeable enough and somewhat caring especially for that time of night.
    The next step was to take the tickets to the turnstiles and enter the park-mistake number two. As each kid tried to enter their ticket into the electronic reader, they were each rejected. A very nasty woman yelled that the tickets were invalid. I explained that they had just been reprinted by their " Customer Service" people who confirmed that I had paid for the tickets. This argument went on for some time and included three trips back to "Customer Service" with a return trip by one of their supervisors who also testified at the gate that the tickets were indeed valid. There seemed to be battle lines drawn between the Customer Service people and the staff at the turnstyle.
    We were already dripping wet and still willing to enter the park after spending a boatload of money to get there and facing the angry and almost seething wrath of the staff at the turnstiles who insisted on sticking to their denial of the validity of the tickets. Someone at "Customer Service" told me that it was not uncommon to have problems with the printed tickets from the internet. I believe the website is misleading or confusing to use if this is the case.
    In any event, we fought for about 30 minutes with the surly staff including one very burly middle aged woman who appeared to be a supervisor, to get into this "park". Finally, the CS supervisor won the agrgument in the pouring rain and we were allowed to enter through the turnstiles-third mistake. As we did, we could then hear the announcement being made inside that due to the heavy rains and threat of lightening, the park rides would be closed temporarily until the storm passed.
    The last of our party- me- hadn't even entered the park when the burly woman announced to me that the rides were closed. At this point, I wanted my money or my tickets back! No one had even suggested that the park might close due to the rain and that I might want to use the tickets at another time- like the following day. I felt so tricked, angry and humiliated.
    The burly woman told me there were no refunds and to go back to "Customer Service" if I wasn't happy with this arrangement.
    I couldn't believe this rip-off.
    I spent more that half an hour in another line at the other side of "Customer Service" where they told me there was nothing they could do to help me. I might want to come back to their office later and wait in line again to see if they would issue some sort of consolation prize which would definitely not be another pass to the "park", but perhaps a discount on another ticket.
    About half hour later, there was a power failure of all lights and the park was completely closed down with all customers told to leave the "park".
    During that time, I managed to grab a bite to eat. It cost $18 for a burned, stale hamburger with FF, which I threw away because it wasn't edible. The poor kid who served it up told me he hated his job and wanted to leave. He understood my frustration at having paid premium prices for nothing. You were expected to buy the meal only. You couldn't just get a hamburger. By the way, it was still raining buckets and you were not allowed to stay too long inside this establishment. There were no inside tables or seats.
    The best was still to come. I serached for my party but couldn]t find them until we met at the parking lot. This gave me time to observe the heavy police presence near the exit gates. there were more police officers than park employees and they were none too friendly either.
    Needless to say, I will never ever go back to this so called "park". I reccommend that you don't either. Unless of course, you like to be abused and fleeced for all you are worth. The atmosphere is definitley not inviting, nor wholesome nor pleasant.
    It seems to me this "park" does not value the customers they somehow manage to have. The concept of true Customer Service has not entered the minds of the establishment of this horrible place. It seems to me with this type of "service", this "amusement park" is neither and can't survive for long.
    I am very much interested in a class action suit.

    Dr. Geri Banda

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  • G
      Aug 14, 2010

    Six flags Great Adventure caused my young niece severe emotional trauma and ejected me from the park for literally rescuing her.

    We had entered the Houdini ride and were in a "haunted house" type of foyer, enclosed, dark and with the scary effects. My niece immediately experienced a panic attack and begged to leave. When I asked an attendant to leave, the attendant became perplexed, then confered with another attendant while my niece was crying. the attendant then told me we would have to wait in the foyer - the very location which was terrifying my niece - until the ride was complete and everyone exited. This was unacceptable; my niece needed to leave then. I noticed an emergency exit. I asked to leave through that exit. The attendant refused, telling me it wasn't an emergency.

    I unsuccessfully tried to reason with him, then attempted to leave through the door with my niece. The attendant blocked us. Finally I pushed him aside, opened the door and "escaped" with my niece. We were immediately brought to an area where we were detained. Security personell seemed indifferent to my niece's trauma, and cared only that I pushed the attendant aside ( By the way, I am a 66 year old man. He was a tall young man.)

    Never once did anyone address the fact that my niece was refused exit while she was veryb visibly traumatized. Never once did anyone apologize for her experience. All they cared about was my exit through the emergency door. I was ejected. When I asked to file a report, their "guest relations" person refused to even give me the form because I might sue.

    I am indeed following up with them about this matter. It all could have been avoided by a little common sense, and compassion by their employees for a scared little girl.

    Fortunately, I live in CA so I can visit Disneyland and at least know I am among well trained employees.

    Very Upset Uncle

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  • R
      Feb 21, 2011

    I've been in the theme park industry for 10 years now and don't you stupid people realize that park employees are on these types of sites all the time. When you people say stupid stuff to us just think you are little kids in a tantrum. If you bring this to a lawyer I am betting that the lawyer is going to laugh in your face, and even if by some luck that it is brought to court you are not going to win. There are so many websites that talk about stupid things that guests have done in theme parks around the world I bet most of you winy little children are on those sites.

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  • J
      May 27, 2011

    Hey Randomman86, You are an idiot. Take a moment and read some of the commentaries. If we have idiots like you in the theme park industry that just confirms everything everyone has said. Have some consideration and empathy. I can see based on your response that you definately lack customer service skills.

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  • H
      Jun 07, 2011

    The park sucks. We arrived early waited almost 2 hours to get on the Superman ride finally at boarding the ride breaks down waited another 30 minutes and were able to ride. Next ride Green Lantern waited 1hr and 45 minutes. We got on and were stuck on a loop for 30 minutes. Third was kingdaka after 30 minutes wait we were told the ride is closed for maintenance. After 5 hours of wasted time we decided to grab something to eat a horrible stale burger with cold fries the worst $40 spent for food. Afterwards our 5th experience or try was El toro after 1 hour wait they are experiencing tech difficulties. Waited 10 minutes it starts working again for 25 minutes before it was closed temporary. We were instructed to try rolling thunder and then come back. Well after several maintenance stops and an hour later we actually rode a ride. I went to customer relations to express our disappointment and was told it was everyone safety no refund or courtesy for horrible experience. They suck! What a waste of money!!!

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  • C
      Jun 09, 2012

    The staff members do not care what you have lost or where you lost it (even if you know the location). Car Keys, Wallets, $700.00 iPhones; these items eventually leaves with staff members. Just make a visit to the lost and found office, they have bins and bins of iPhones, ID's, wallets and car keys. There is no way that the owners don't want these items back ASAP but when you speak with the staff they have no compassion and tell you if and when they find it, they will call you, don't call them WTF! Important question! For lost cell phones, why does the lost and found form ask for the carrier? I believe they are selling the phones back to the carrier. Whatever the lost and found staff is doing - its not trying to reunite owners with there property.

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  • A
      Jun 09, 2012

    TRASHA stfu

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  • A
      Jun 09, 2012

    I told you first Irishgal. Now take a hike.

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  • A
      Jun 10, 2012

    troll see troll do

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  •   Sep 10, 2013

    My experience with Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ was wonderful...UNTIL a few years ago. Things started going down-hill with the food and service. I purchased Season Passes and was angry when halfway into the season, in order for them to make more money, they offered a special deal that was cheaper than my season passes, devaluing my purchases! If you pay for their "Best Deal" you should get it, and not be undercut half way through the season.

    The "kids" that they have working there were discourteous and distracted by texting and playing games with the other workers. My girlfriend and I went there after their summer help went back to school, and they were sorely under staffed. The lines were over an hour long, and those that were operating the rides were making mistakes. Why don't they hire Senior Citizens?...they really appreciate being active...they are VERY courteous, and they need the money more than these kids do! I know that I'd trust them operating the rides more than a bunch of distracted, giggling, texting, tweeting kids.

    The food was TERRIBLE! The burgers at Johnny Rocket's were hockey pucks. A woman asked a girl behind the counter, while we were there, for a cup of ice...she rolled her eyes at her and turned her back to her! If that kid was one of my employees, I'd have fired her on-the-spot!

    No, we did not enjoy our last visit to Six Flags Great Adventure, and unless things change DRASTICLY it will absolutely be our LAST VISIT!

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  • G
      Sep 10, 2013

    Three years ago, I posted a comment about the terrible treatment I experienced while trying to protect my young niece from a frightening experience. Anyone interested in the details can scroll back.
    I wrote an exteremly professional letter to the head of SF in NJ explaining the situation and asking for a response. nI never did receive even an acknowledgement. This suggests to me that the problem starts with management, not just with the kids they hire. Kids are, well, kids. Some will be responsible by nature. Others will require strong oversight by management. All should have undergone rigorous traing which could have avioded so many of the incidents described in the numerous coments.
    If SF cares at all about the bad reputation it hascreated in NJ, changes need to start at the top. that will send a strong message to everyone.
    ( Unrelated to the above - does anyone know what aliwithani84's comments mean? They are irrelevant and incoherent. If she (he?) intends to make a point, she needs to articulte it in a way people can understand it.)
    Regards from California to all my friends in NJ!

    Does anybody have any idea what aliwithani84's comments mean? They appear to be irrelevant and incoherent.

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  •   Sep 10, 2013

    Gyneaux, ,

    Yes, I read your comment and what happened to your niece angered me but it didn't surprise me!

    I realize that "Kids will be, well...Kids" but they are being brought-up by parents who think that everything, including responsibility, should be taught in school, and they are being taught almost nothing of any real value IN School!

    The people supporting Great Adventure are not kids, because they can't afford's US! Our dollars are their bread and butter. Our kids are being brought there, or we are giving our children the cash to go there. We should take a year off from Great Adventure, and remember that there ARE places where courtesy and respect of the patrons is a major part of the job!

    Hershey Park, in Pennsylvania is great.
    Dorney Park, also in Pennsylvania is a pleasure.
    King's Dominion, in Virginia is wonderful.
    Busch Gardens the Old Country, in Williamsburg Va. is Fantastic!!!

    Funny thing...respect seems to be the rule at those places.

    Yes, Disney is the ultimate, either in Ca. or Fla. but that's to be expected, screw up there and you're OUT fast! The people there are friendly and helpful, the food is top notch for a park, and it's CLEAN!

    As far as that other person that commented on your comment goes...they appear to be a product of the very schools of which I wrote! He or She is probably nearing their intellectual peak with their unintelligible communication skills. This is a generation that we have failed...God help us!

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  • J
      Jul 24, 2015

    I have been a season pass holder for over five years (family of four). I noticed last year they were double billing me and after 3 contacts and 2 emails, the issue was handled. I noticed just recently that they continued billing me past the 12 months. This is an issue they must have frequently as it is listed at the top of their billing issues drop down. Now to the tune of 500.00 overcharge, I sent an email asking for the refund and some form of compensation. I was told that it was my fault since I didn't cancel last year's season pass, so it automatically renewed. The problem with that is I upgraded membership to include food and the membership department did the whole thing remotely for me - renewing and changing the membership but still it is apparently my fault. I was told I would receive no compensation and if I attempted to cancel this years, my penalty is the full amount due immediately and suspended usage of passes. Are you kidding me? Today I went onto my bank account and found that someone in customer service during our conversations yesterday, added a 5th person onto my account. Are you kidding me? I obviously didn't do this as I was nowhere near the damn page and it was done out of the South where I am not remotely located.

    Customer service is non-existent! They have lost a loyal customer. I will use and abuse this pass this year to get my money's worth and never set foot in their parks again.

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  • N
      Aug 04, 2015

    I purchased 6 season passes in 2014 for 6Flags/Great Adventure in Jackson, nj...Advertised as12 monthly payments charged to my credit card. Little do they tell you, they continue to charge your credit card AFTER the initial 12 months. In the 2015 season, I purchased 3 season passes at the gate. I did not renew the other 3 passes
    as the persons involved were no longer in the area. 1st can not reach a human. I emailed and someone did email me back. I told them what was going on, and they emailed me back saying I could get credit for the 3 months my credit card was being charged for the 3 persons I bought new passes for...the 3 passes I did not renew...Well, too bad on me. I did call my credit card company, which I am still waiting on the results for. Needless to say, once the 3 passes are done at the end of this year, I will never renew or go there again. I will use my hard earned money to go to places I don't have to be ripped off at. So long 6 Flags...HELLO Sesame Place and Disney World. When you advertise 12 monthly payments, that is what it should mean. I will let you all know if I get a credit on my card this month.

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