Six Flags Discovery Kingdomcharging $1.00 per ride

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Recently, and this is the second time, I have been really bothered by the fact that I am required to pay an extra dollar per ride at Discovery Kingdom. I believe this is a particularly discriminatory practice against woman who will indeed be carrying a small bag of sorts with personal items such as a season pass for her family members, as well as hygienic items. I made very sure that the small back that was firmly attached to my body would not be loose or be able to fall off my body or empty in any kind of situation. The bag that I carried was not large enough to prevent any ride from safely being secured against my body. I understand that times are hard and making as much money as possible is important to every business, but I paid $12.99 for a reusable cup (that by the way I was told was dishwasher safe, but melted in my dishwasher) and paid an enormous amount of money on food and souvenirs, now I have to pay another dollar for each ride? Well, that isn’t the case is it, some rides you can leave your bag on the side for free. Why the punishment to women, who I am sure are the largest purchasers of Season Passes? I have spoken with several woman and they are very upset by this practice.


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      Jun 14, 2010

    The point is the parks need to stop ripping people off. If I can't wear my fanny pack on a ride without paying extra, I need to be told that before entering the park. If I'm going to pay way too much for a refillable cup the person selling it to me needs to tell me I will need to pay more everytime I need to store it to ride a ride! I spent more on the cup and storing it than I ever would have on drinks. Six Flags has gotten way too greedy, so much so that if people want to pay more they can break in line, those of us who have large families or live on a budget are paying hard earned money to wait in line longer. If Six Flags wants to cater to the wealthy then that is their choice to make. Just know there are far more middle to lower income Americans than there are wealthy. I for one hope if Six Flags doesn't change it's greedy policies then bankruptcy is their future. At least that may send a message to the other theme parks.

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      Dec 10, 2012

    recently on dec 9 2012 my family went to six flags in vallejo for holiday in the park. we r season pass holders. well i cant believe how rude all the workers were. it was not one or two it was the majority of them. they were rude gave attitude. if they dont like their job they should find another. its suppose to b a family place where u can enjoy time with your love ones. we were gonna get season passes again but know considering not to.this complaint probably wont get seen or will get passed by but i really hope they get their skills together

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      Mar 15, 2016

    I went to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom back in 2013 and I didn't have any problems. I went with my wife and my son, as well as with another family who drove us. We all enjoyed our time there.

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