SingTel / Singapore Telecommunicationslapse of a critical control by singtel

Dear Sirs

I have received a Singtel bill addressed to my apartment. I opened the letter and realised it was attention to someone by the name of Mr Dhinakara Sandrasamy . It was a new line applied by him and the bill was for the month of November 2018. Details of the bill as per attached and as summarised below.

I am surprised of this lapse of control at Singtel. I recalled for any new application or recontract, Singtel will verify the NRIC, and in the case of a foreigner, which extra care would have taken by verifying the passport details and ID and tenancy agreement. However, the fact that the invoice was billed to my address there seems to be a lapsed in control and potential bad debts if the customers goes missing.

Name ; Mr Dhinakaran A/L Sandrasamy
Account No. [protected]
Bill ID No. [protected]
Mobile No. [protected]

I enclosed herewith a copy of the invoice and would appreciate it if you could investigate this case and advised me on the outcome of the investigation. If I do not receive any response from Singtel, I will then refer the case to the police in case of any intention of fraud.

In addition, please update his address thereafter.

Thank you.
Jennifer Lee

Nov 27, 2018

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