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I purchased an iPhone 6 Plus and chose Singtel as the network provider. I also added the additional monthly cost of around $10 for making overseas calls. This meant that I can make overseas calls from Singapore and as long as remained within the allowed 400 minutes per month then I would not be charged any additional costs, or so I thought. When I spoke to the agent regarding this benefit she omitted to tell me that there was a list of countries that this benefit could not be used. I told her I would be calling Thailand and Norway and she confirmed that this was fine and I would not be any additional costs as long as I remained withing my 400 minutes per month allowance. Just last week I received a call from the Singtel Customer agent advising me that I had run up a bill for $108 for calls to Thailand. I explained that I had paid the extra monthly cost to allow to make these overseas calls and she advised that Thailand was not on their list. I was fuming to say the least, the agent at the Singtel desk was clearly only interested in making a sale and her bonus and absolutely no thought for the customer. I also wrote a complaint letter submitted through their own website and guess what, no response. The overseas thing is just a con, dont use it. I have told Singtel that I will not be paying the additional cost and I would be quite happy to argue the matter in court.

Jan 12, 2015
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  • Hl
      27th of Jun, 2015

    SingTel records all the sales transaction. There is a microphone next to the screen monitor and a small sign to disclose you are being recorded ""for training purposes"". IF you are accurate, then demand the tape is reviewed and confirmed to you in writing that the salesperson DID advise you. If you are correct, they will come back and say, it was a ""inadvertant mistake"" and give you a nominal discount (it is your money they have taken and used).. Dont let the lie slip away. That is how SingTel claws back $$$

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