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I would get a whole lot of "winks" when I first made a profile. Then I signed up, and they stopped... Hmmm. Then when I would talk to a girl for a few emails, we would trade regular emails and talk for a second, then she would reply with "why don't you check out my profile on ****site." Why would I want to sign up with another site if I already met you on one? Then, girls would cut to the chase and just start by emailing me with their site links. At least thanks for cutting to the chase so I can ignore you faster. Then I met a girl who later said she lived in Russia. Then she tried to ask for money for the trip (about 2 months later). Ummm... no thanks. Then when I finally found a REAL LIFE girl, she was about 50lbs heavier than she said. *** singlesnet.

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  • Si
      29th of Jan, 2009
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    I have been contacted by Russian women leading me along and then asking for money after posting to!!They are crafty and will be convincing but beware!!! When they find out you are not going to give them money they leave you heartbroken and a little bit wiser to scams!!!

  • Be
      26th of Feb, 2009
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    I am on Singlesnet as a non-paying member and I have been told by several men that there are a lot of scams from people who just want their money, a ticket to the US, or want to direct them to there porn website.

    I think you just have to be careful and NOT send them money for ANY reason, and NO airline tickets. Also make sure they already live in the US.

    You just have to filter out all the scam members. I don't think Singlesnet is making up fake women. They really don't need to. There are tons of both men and women there already. I'm a real woman, born and raised in California, and just a normal person. I have also been told by several men that they joined just to talk to me, instead of just sending a one line flirt for free. ( I should be charging Singlesnet for the new members I get To make a first time contact, you have to be a paying member. I'm sure lots of women have men join just to talk to them and all Singlesnet has to do is sit there and collect the money. No need for fake women. The scam people on the site have nothing to do with the company and Singlesnet asks you to report all scams.

    Of course... being a woman, and not having to pay to get emails I don't have any complaints about Singlesnet. That being said... I do understand when men pay to meet real women, honest and normal and all they get is scam people or women 15 yrs older then their photo and 75lbs heavier... there is a reason to be bitter.

    Just sort through all the crap quickly and find the good ones.

  • Ru
      19th of Mar, 2010
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    In the past it would have been easy to "filter" through the fakes, scams, bots, and other liars.

    But the programming behind the fake profiles is getting more sophisticated. Especially in the singlesnet chatroom, there are multiple fake profiles running scripts of chat conversations with each other. This makes it appear that there are several people already in the chat room having a great time. So when you enter, and try to talk to others, you're not surprised if they ignore you.

    Also, they've added keyword triggers. So if you type something with the keyword in it, like say "president", one of the chat bots will respond with a pre-configured response that is just generic enough to appear real, like..."I don't like President Obama's policies".

    And I'm quite sure that there are live operators of these fake profiles available to step in if someone raises suspicion. So they can be programmed to alert the live operator if the chat room sees words like "fake", "bot", "spam", or "shill".

    As these bots become more sophisticated, they can quite easily mimic some basic conversations and run scripts that are exceedingly difficult to catch on to.

    The ONLY way to be sure you are talking to someone real is to have them take a photo of themselves with a hand written note with YOUR user name on it. And since this is quite a bit of trouble (I did it with a girl last night as an experiment, and took forever for her to get the pic to me).

    There are plenty of real people on this site, and I actually have been on a date with one. And no dating site can eliminate scams from 3rd parties completely...but I'm convinced that singlesnet is part of the fraud.

    Some of the patterns that I've seen serve no other purpose but to promote the singlesnet site itself and to try to keep people coming back and paying their subscription fees.

    Not only is this blatant fraud, which should be the basis of a class action lawsuit, but any REAL people on this site should be upset at the amount of attention that is diverted away from them and focused on pursuing fake profiles.

    Even if you're not a paying member, (most female users are not), then you should realize that when you go on the site or enter the chat room, the attention of other users is being distracted away from you by profiles with "too good to be true" pictures and descriptions. Then the fake users proceed to entice the other users with claims of liberal sexual habits and wild parties.

    Some singlesnet users are promoting "meet & greet" parties, which do not appear to be sponsored by the official site, yet are rumored (by apparently fake users) to be very wild and have all the wildest fake profile bimbos brag about how drunk and wild they got.

    FYI, here is the latest M&G party invite:
    "Saturday, March 27th gathering at Black Bull Chop House 300 Pacific Coast Hwy, Huntington Beach, CA 92648 (714) 969-6700 night club that features a mechanical bull and plays top dance music. Please let me know if you're able to attend. If you get there before 10:00 p.m. you can beat the $5.00 cover charge. A parking structure is across the street. If you come before 8:30 p.m. parking would be free but after 8:30 p.m. it would cost you $5.00. So, let's plan on getting there before then, do some serious dancing and having some fun."

    Whether the party is in any way real remains to be seen. I can assuredly guarantee that the smokin' hot alleged users that said they would be there will NOT be there. Probably a dozen or so lonely guys may show and be quite confused at the lack of cute young singlesnet girls.

    I have yet to see alleged photos of the previous alleged M&G. I have yet to be convinced that EVERY chatroom isn't seeded with fake profiles and shill users.

    This WILL be uncovered. And trust me, I've been frequenting all kinds of chat rooms since before the modern internet existed...I've seen ALL the tricks. These people will be exposed.

    Singlesnet most certainly is involved in this fraud and telling someone that they just need to "filter" better or that their profile comes off as too needy is just plain naive.

    I've read many posts on this complaint, and I can already see that there are sellout shills posting claims of true love found just to throw people off.

    Anyone that has actually had success with the site needs to prove it by posting photos of themselves TOGETHER, along with their usernames on the site.

    Not all of us are fools.

    Gary Tarbell aka "rudiment"

  • Va
      3rd of Jun, 2016
    0 Votes - Full of liars
    United States

    I have been on singlesnet since February and have recently deleted my profile. The men on singlesnet are liars especially in their profiles. They make it seem like they are seriously looking for a monogamous relationship. However, each man I dated either was a married man or looking to seduce a woman to ***. Singlesnet does not screen or ask for proof that a person is not married. Therefore, it has become a playground for married men to fantasize and get cheap thrills. A cheaters haven. I detest this site as it offers nothing to women but make us prey to those men seeking to take advantage of us. I'll stick with E-Harmony which is a much safer site for women.

  • Sy
      3rd of Jun, 2016
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    OK, so...what are you wearing?

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