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Singlesnet.com / SinglesNet are a bunch of crooks!

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Singles net are a bunch of crooks these people are hurting the feelings of many people who are looking for love they don't care about you they just want your money if i could i would close this site down and all links to it. Some peoples last chance to find there life partner on these kind of sites singlesnet shame on you how do you sleep at night.


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N  13th of Apr, 2007 by 
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All you get is spam email. No real people. Beware!
N  17th of May, 2007 by 
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I pay for a membership in SinglesNet.com and I getting e-mails but I do not know if there is a message or not I can't figure it.
A  9th of Jun, 2007 by 
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Paid on line with credit card for subscription and it has been applied to my credit card but singlesnet.com will not e-mail me a password acceptance and they will not let me log on as a SUBSCRIBED USER/MEMBER.
A  22nd of Jun, 2007 by 
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Seems me and my husband have broken up again over all the dating sites on the net. I agree let it be for single people who are looking for someone.
A  20th of Jul, 2007 by 
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I must agree with some of these. I went into singlesnet just to see, and in the same week I met three guys, on line. they seem interesting but within a week of each other some how they end in Nigeria. Then all of the sudden they are looking for money. And they are good.

There was one with was really good looking and had a little girl they both lost their wife and mother and he took his daughter with him and got suck there, and he kept asking for money that they had no money because Nigeria wouldn't excited money orders and or credit cards will to make the story short, I give in and sent money and I haven't heard from him again but to say he was on his way home to Georgia, that was weeks ago.

I don't no how but something should be done to keep this a better place...
A  24th of Jul, 2007 by 
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First two women I met was from"Russia" and wanted to come to America and got stuck in Moscow and needed 1000 dollars to fly here. They were nice enough but I said no to the money but said could fix separate living facilities and never heard again. Was to send western union...
A  26th of Jul, 2007 by 
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I very quickly realized that SinglesNet.com is a scam. I created a fake male profile so I could view the women on the site - just to see what I was up against - and I immediately received three "flirts" one of which was from MY PROFILE!!! I assume because I viewed my profile that the site automatically matched "us" up and sent a flirt. My suspicions were confirmed when I began receiving messages from numerous guys thanking me for sending them a "flirt" and checking out their page. I immediately wrote them back apologizing for the deception, because I hadn't, in fact, viewed their page nor had I send them a "flirt". This site is shady. They send random flirts among users to entice people to join so they can e-mail the people they think are "flirting" with them. These people are sick and clearly have no moral integrity. I actually tried to put a disclaimer in my profile warning guys about this which stated that if they received "flirts" from me that they were bogus. I said that I DO NOT send "flirts" and that if they receive any from me it most definitely is the site doing it, not myself. I submitted this for approval to the site, and everything in my profile essay posted, EXCEPT for the disclaimer about the bogus "flirts." This site is shady and I feel sorry for any unfortunate person who gives their money to these scammers.
D  27th of Jul, 2007 by 
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What are you talking about? Your complaint doesn't even make sense?

Did you call them? And was your card actually billed?

It's not a flirt it's a match. When you first sign up it matches you against three other people who are within your age range and near you... I fail to see how that is "shady" in any way... It's not random flirts... You'll also get a match notification once a week...
A  17th of Oct, 2007 by 
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BOTTOM _____ LINE____ it's misleading, & I got the same spam & fake flirts trying to get me to join, "the way I know this" is because I installed a key-logger on my wifes computer & had found out that she had joined this site, I even knew her password... I opened my own account so I could JACK with her, I immediately received messages from her account... I then logged onto her account to see who else she had been sending messages & I seen that she hadn't sent me a message at all... Singles.net wanted me to think that a local member was interested in me & that I had caught her eye, enticing me to join...
N  1st of Nov, 2007 by 
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I haven't joined yet but after reading this, I'm sure glad that I didn't. I actually was able to talk to a few people that were members already. One man who was a member actually called me and sounded like a salesman trying to tell me how great he was. But when I told him I didn't want to meet him right now, he just said, well then it 's over. (The reason I gave him my phone number was that he said he wasn't good on computers and wanted to talk to me on the phone). I do get emails from some men saying they are interested in me but I just thought it was because I looked at their picture first and Singlesnet sent them a picture saying I was interested in them. Last night when I got an email from a good looking younger man and after 2 winks, they said I would have to join to talk to him, I said forget it. If he's really that interested, let him join! I'm so glad that I have read all the comments. I will definitely be getting off of singlesnet. Thanks for your help!
A  3rd of Nov, 2007 by 
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Nigeria is a country full of scam artists... but you find out that SCAM mails is all over the internet, in almost every dating site. But I think singlesnet still has some real people like you and me. Please can anyone recommend a scam-free site.
A  15th of Nov, 2007 by 
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I agree that this site is a fraud. No one is real and everyone wants you to email them at their hotmail accounts. Next thing you know you are spammed...SCAM!! Has anyone demanded their moneys back? Who can we complain to to get these creeps shut down!
A  12th of Dec, 2007 by 
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Singlesnet is very misleading and does hardly a thing to stop all the romance scams and is moderated by mostly people under or around 20 years old I used to work there and by the way you are calling canada not needham ma!
A  24th of Dec, 2007 by 
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I'm ready to take this website down. I have a monitor watching logins and I'm trying to log the database queries. Sooner or later they will go down.
N  24th of Dec, 2007 by 
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I've reported the website to paypal and the credit companies. These guys are going down!
A  27th of Dec, 2007 by 
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Here's what happened to me:
I was able to see through most of the fake winks and such but then I got one from a girl that looked quite real. So I tried it and purchased one month. I sent her email and actually got a reasonable response back. It said she wanted to chat and that I can reach her at her hotmail address. I sent her one more email and waited for two days. No response. Now guess what - right after my payment from paypal went through she disappeared and with her all her emails and even all my sent emails to her ! So I thought it was clear now it was a hoax. I called Singlesnet and demanded my money back. They agreed and asked why I wanted to cancel. I told them my story and that I was stongly convinced I was tricked into this payment. They tried to ### me a bit but then agreed to pay back. So now I am waiting if I get it back or not.

This site sure is a big scam and those people should be prosecuted!
N  5th of Jan, 2008 by 
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SinglesNet.com - unauthorized charges to my credit card
13a Highland Circle
United States
Phone: none

Ihave had two unauthorized charges on my Master Card for $24.95 each. My credit card company said try to contact them, but there is no phone number, but I did find their address. I have never used this service. Can someone do something about this???0
A  8th of Jan, 2008 by 
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All girls needs to watch out for Marko6869 on singlesnet and yahoo cause he is a liar and a cheat. He used me for many months and I caught him cheating on me with his profile being changed every couple of months as to where he lives. Plus I set up a dummy name on singlesnet and he fell for it hook, line and sinker and did not know it was me he thought i was this other girl all the time telling me he was not cheating on me. Watch out for him ladies he is smooth.
D  8th of Jan, 2008 by 
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Singlesnet, you really need to have responses to the flirts. You can't answer a flirt with the same flirts!
N  10th of Feb, 2008 by 
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SinglesNet Online Dating - Violation of 1St amendment!
13A Highland Circle
United States
Phone: 617- 301-6210

The Censor what one writes even if it doesn't have offensive language or hate. I am not religious and put that in my bio seem the human reader does not like that but others can put they are it even asks you that in their pre made questions. I also selected that seek a female and i get notices from males in my email box but not in my singlesnet.com box. I paid for a month and asked for my money back after 3 days i have not received a comment or refund. They offer a money back guarantee ya right. Also beware their system is A Bit Deceptive. If you look at someones page you will receive a email saying whom you looked at caught their eye instead of someone looked at your page. A PLAY ON WORDS AND OUR 1ST AMENDMENT RIGHTS... BEWARE. A Great Site here People Helping People Protect People!

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