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I should have 2 parcels arriving on 25th Nov., one from JP and the other US. As of today, 29th Nov, both have not arrived and one of their status is unknown!

EMS Priority should be next day delivery but due to the bulkiness of my parcel, the courier refused to deliver time and time again - giving crappy reasons like "bad weather", "high volume".

Courier lied and key in "failed Delivery" multiple times into the system when no one came to deliver at all! I took a week's leave. I know no one came because I was at home all day.

Now the worst thing is, they redirected my parcel to the POpstation, but parcel disappeared from there.

What happened was: At 5.25pm on 25th Nov, parcel was "delivered to popstation".
At 6.20pm on 25th Nov, parcel was at "Speedpost Service Centre due to bad weather". WTH was that?
At 9.14am on 27th, parcel was again at "Speedpost Service Centre due to bad weather". Seriously, WTH?

I called Customer Service but the officer also couldn't locate the exact status of my parcel. They insisted it's at the Popstation when online status said "Speedpost Delivery Centre".

Nevermind. I went to the Popstation to collect my parcel. After keying in the locker pin, I got this message "locker door is faulty, please call for assistance". Door refused to open. IM NOT LYING, CHECK PHOTO ATTACHED.

I called CS again and the officer thought I was making things up because he never came across such a thing about faulty locker door.

At this point, I can only say that both Singpost and Speedpost can not be trusted. I'm an avid online shopper. I've lost count of the times our local post have disappointed me. The courier team is dishonest, lazy and inefficient.
The CS team has trouble communicating clearly and lacks knowledge when it comes to their own job.

Both my parcels are now missing. Both cost a lot. I can only file claims from this point on.

So people, please don't ever trust singpost or speedpost with expensive parcels. Use DHL or UPS. They have never disappointed me. Not once. But international sellers still prefer their own local post over DHL and UPs. Hence, I'm stuck with singpost/speedpost because of the seller's preference .

Singapore Speedpost

  • Resolution statement

    This case is only partially resolved. I’m still waiting for my US parcel which is stuck at the Popstation’s faulty locker. A CS rep. assured me that this US parcel will be delivered to me in due time. I’ll wait and see. Most importantly, my misplaced JP parcel was finally found on Friday and out for delivery. It arrived safely. However, I’m still angry that EMS took such a long time and that my huge and costly parcel went missing for a period of time, causing me much frustration and anxiety. CS team tried to resolve this issue for me but actual help only came on Friday. If they had taken action the moment the enquiry was raised, the outcome would have been different - it would be more positive. Honestly, I have lost trust in Singpost and especially Speedpost. Most of my unpleasant experiences involve Speedpost. The Singpost aunties serving my block are still doing a great job. For cheap purchases, I will still engage Singpost’s services. But after this recent scare, I’ll not use its services for costly purchases or sending parcels overseas. For those, I’ll opt for DHL. I spoke to a DHL rep. yesterday and got a quote. DHL postage is in my opinion more expensive than Speedpost’s but I’m willing to pay to get good services.

  • Singapore Post (SingPost) Customer Care's Response, Nov 29, 2017

    Hi, Helene. We are sorry to hear of your service experience. Please reach out to us via our Social Media platforms, Facebook/Twitter and PM/DM us your tracking numbers for us to follow up on your case. Thank you.

  • Updated by Helene, Nov 29, 2017

    Hey Singpost CS,
    Stop your PR bull💩. You want the numbers, here they are.
    Track on your system and check the call log linked to these 2 parcels.
    The US parcel was supposedly in the Popstation but one hour later after it was “supposedly” delivered, your smartass courier went to remove it and sent it back to the service center. Your equally wiseass colleague insisted it was at the Popstation. I went there and guess what? Locker door refused to open. People, VIEW PHOTO PROOF! As of today, 4 working days later, my EMS US parcel’s location cannot confirmed.

    The JP parcel was supposed out for delivery on Tues but was unexpectedly rescheduled. Fine, I understand. WEDNESDAY WAS NOT A PUBLIC HOLIDAY, WTH HAPPENED ON WEDSNEDAY THAT THE PARCEL COULD NOT EVEN BE SENT OUT FOR DELIVERY? Ah... I know why. It’s very likely your couriers stole it or lost it. Please single out all these black sheep couriers.

    Both your manager and head of CS are of no help. Talk is cheap.

    Now you know why nobody here bothered private messaging you? That’s because they know it’s PR bull💩.
    I’ll not private message because I want the world to know. If Singpost/Speedpost cannot keep up, it should ship out.
    News spread quickly in this digital age. It’s only a matter of time.

    speedpost priority / standard service
    speedpost priority / standard service
Nov 28, 2017
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  • Ke
      Nov 21, 2018

    same issue with speedpost, i never receive my parcel speedpost send me a message said already delived.whats going on.wait for delivery not come twice.ask for the detail receive by who and any signature, told me don have the detail from receiver

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