Singapore Post (SingPost)delivery service

Dear Singpost,

I have been eagerly waiting for the delivery of my parcel TB00000617842 since forever! The overseas tracking status showed that it has reached Singapore on 24/11 but Singpost only received it on 28/11. Firstly i dont get how Singpost is so inefficient on this. And secondly, its been 2 days since the local tracking status showed that my parcel is with Singpost! When am i going to receive my parcel? I need it as soon as possible. Why did i choose my parcel to be delivered via Singpost and not other courier services? That is because i placed all my trust in Singpost apart from the very expensive shipping rates as well! In return i expect efficiency! You had one job, one. If your overseas partner can dispatch my parcel so efficiently and smoothly, why are you incompetent of keeping up with the expectations when my parcel reach Singapore? What a disappointment! Please work on your efficiency in delivering parcels as well! And also i hope Singpost will be able to inform parcel receivers regarding the estimated time slot that they will be expecting their parcels so they would not have to wait at home the entire day in fear of missing the delivery! Thank you.

Yours truly,
Shi xuan

Nov 29, 2017

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