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Silverleaf Resort / Scam

1 Dallas, TX, United States

Typical high pressure scam. Started with sending a mailout saying I'd won one of $49k, $1.5k, $500, or a vacation (no airfare) all I had to do was listen to a 90 min talk. After listening to a 2 hour talk here are the details: For $15, 000 plus monthly maintenance fees (starting at $65/mo) plus $200 fee each time you use the "resort, " you get to go to the resort of your choice. Boil it down, during your 1st three years you're paying about $900/month plus $200/reservation to stay at a "resort." Really? That's about $10000/year for a one week vacation (travel and food not included). Again, you really want to do this?
You could easily go to any other vacation destination for much less $ that these guys.

While I was at the store, the employees celebrated a "new member." The new members were a military family. That hacked me off. They took advantage of someone who devoted his life to our country and freedom.
And for the "free gifts." The odds of winning any "good" prize are at best 20 in 53, it yourself. The odds of winning the "exotic vacation" are 53, 000 in 53, 130. You don't get your playing card until after you tell them if you will buy the package or not. Then you have to compare your "number" to a list of numbers they give you on the spot. Think that's rigged... Guess which prize you'll get.
Your exotic vacation will also come bundled with so many hoops to jump through that you realistically cannot ever use it.

Bottom line, run away.

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