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I’m usually too busy to take the time to write either a good or poor review about products I purchase on the Internet but my terrible experience with Signature Hardware mandates that I let others know about what happened. Back in May of this year I purchased a Maycreek wood bar and three wood bar stools from Signature Hardware. About a week after receiving my order a guest at my house fell to the floor while sitting on one of the bar stools. The chair just broke apart. It took several emails and telephone calls but finally Signature sent me a replacement chair. Then several months later in July, I had a barbeque and two chairs collapsed, almost at the same time, agaom while people were sitting on them. In all three cases my guests weighed under 200 lbs and did nothing more than sit on the chairs while having conversations. And in all three cases we were fortunate that no one got seriously hurt, only a minor bruise and cut here and there.

After the second incidence I contacted Signature Hardware, sent them pictures of the broken chairs and demanded that I get my money back. I told them I would be happy to ship back the broken chair pieces if they wanted (they didn’t). I was told someone would get back to me in a day or two. After three days I made several calls and sent several emails to the company and finally got a call back from someone telling me that they would be giving me a full refund for the defective chairs.

I’m happy that I was able to get my money back but I am quite annoyed that I received such low quality chairs and that I had to make a number of attempts to resolve my issue. And even worse, I was horrified by having several of my guests fall down while attending a festive function in my house. I hope that others do not experience this problem so be warned.

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  • In regards to the poor customer service received, in this particular incident I completely agree with the assessment above. We clearly dropped the ball here and should have responded to this customer's email within 24 hours of receiving it. We have a dedicated staff of employees who work very hard to meet this goal, and in this situation we did not. For that, I apologize.

    The chairs have been sold from us for over a year without incidents like what this customer described above. That being said, based on the pictures we received from this customer we are looking at the design of the chair and will act accordingly based on what we find.

    Our reputation has been built on providing our customers with great customer service and quality merchandise. The employees of Signature Hardware will continue to work hard to make sure this continues to happen, and we thank this customer for bringing these issues to our attention.

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