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Fort Mill, SC, United States
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I placed an order with ShufferFly and when I received my shipping confirmation, I noticed they had the wrong address. I called ShufferFly to verify my address and they indeed had my current address, but inadvertently sent my merchandise to another address. I asked the customer service rep to resend my order to the correct address and she said she couldn't due to a 14 day return policy. Which states, if the item gets returned after 14 days, they will give me the option to continue with the transaction or cancel the order. If the item does not get returned, they will cancel my transaction and refund my credit card. I explained, due to time restraints I don't have 14 days to wait for an outcome and requested an immediate credit to my account. The Customer Service Rep said she could not credit my account with in the 14 day waiting period, so we needed to wait. This makes no sense, as I made it clear I wasn't accepting the merchandise anyway and I should be entitled to a credit, as they charged my card for something I'll never receive. So, the Customer Service Reps solution was to file a claim with my credit card company to stop the transaction between ShufferFly and myself. I thought "REALLY!" My solution consisted of contacting UPS and having the package rerouted to the correct address. Although this did cost me an extra $22, I managed to get my merchandise delivered to the correct address and on time.

C'mon ShutterFly this was an easy solution!!

May 19, 2017

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