Shutterfly Calender / sent my family calender to stranger

WA, United States
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I ordered a calender with my family photos on it and pictures of my husband in his military uniform. My package arrived from shutterfly and instead of it containing my calender, it had a strangers family photos in it!! They had mixed up my order with someone elses!!!
When i called them about it I was on hold waiting for customer service for 45 minutes, finally someone with a thick foreign accent attempted to help me. He said he would replace it but that there was no way to findout who had recieved my photos! I requested a call back from a manager. I recieved one two days later from the RUDEST man ever!!! I am a calm person but he really really got under my skin. He cut off my sentences, lectured me and was rude to me! And this is the man who represents this company. it was horrible. He told me that things like this happen at shutterfly and it was my fault for ordering from an online company and not a local company. i couldnt believe it.

So the long at the short many emails and complaints later, no one can figure out where my calender ended up. All my family photos on a calender now in strangers hands. Thank you shutterfly

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