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St Joseph, MI, United States Review updated:

I purchased some electroninc items from They popped up a question asking me for discount offers. Thinking that it would be a notification on the products that are on discount, I responded yes.
It eventually went to another company called SHOPPERS DISCOUNT and they are charging me $12 per month for this subscribtion without my knowledge. It started appearing on mey credit Card Statments. Fortunately I came to know when they charged for the second time . I googled about it and found out about this scam on this website.As others have done before I too called the no. that appeared on my credit card statement and asked them to canel my membership and refund the amount deducted. The agreed to refund the money in 3 days but did not said anything on what will be the means to get this refund.
Has anybody who has posted complaints about the same has got refund from them ?? If now how to get it and whom to approach ?


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  • Co
      Feb 03, 2009

    Yeah, I definitely called ShoppersDiscounts and explained to them everything I explained to the bank and they refunded the money back into my account within 3 days... but the site they got my info from was, but I can't imagine them not refunding your money to you. They've done it for a lot of other people who've complained about this. Once you asked to be refunded, all you really have to do is just sit and wait. I was nervous at first because the card I used was cancelled due to all this mess, but nope, I did receive the money back. Good luck! Just call them

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  • Ma
      Feb 04, 2009

    Dear Mayur: protects its reputation and monitors the blogosphere to ensure information posted on our company is truthful and accurate and to identify opportunities to assist our members. Through this monitoring, we found your comments posted here about our membership program, Shopper Discounts & Rewards.

    We would like to speak with you directly to address your concerns but do not have your contact information. If you are unhappy with your subscription or have any questions regarding your membership to Shopper Discounts & Rewards, please contact Customer Service at 1-889-8776 or send an email message to [protected] We will be happy to help you.

    Mary O'Reilly
    Webloyalty Consumer Affairs
    Shopper Discounts & Rewards

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  • Gr
      Apr 25, 2009

    My mother in law just got scammed by this webloyalty program from Independent of what Mary O'Reilly writes, this IS a scam and any company that uses this service is perpetrating this scam.

    Needless to say, we will never visit again and will stop using ANY site that offers this webloyalty program.

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  • Ck
      Jun 24, 2009

    I just got scammed as well. When we called and asked to have our membership canceled and to be refunded they said that would refund for three of the charges, but there were more charges than that. Did everyone else who complained get fully refunded?

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  • Sv
      Nov 10, 2009

    I just realized, I have been hit by this scam. Reading all the above responses and comments, I called the 1-800 #. However the representative only helped me partially by providing only half the refund. I remember buying something from, but never ever subscribed to ShoppersDiscounts or used any of their services for anything. My experience is similar to other postings, but not sure how I can get my hard earned money back. It's outrageous to rob people of their money in this economy. Does anyone have a way of dealing with these people ? How can they openly steal the money ? Even if they charged the credit card under some pretex, they should refund the money if asked to as someone like me never used their service or directly subscribed them. PL advice.

    ..SVF, Santa Clara, CA

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  • Ma
      Jan 10, 2010

    OH MY GOD! i have been being charged by this scam company sind 12/2007 along with RESERVATION REWARDS
    Shopper Discounts and Reservation Rewards are the same company. I am trying to get a full refund as I cannot figure out how i did something so stupid. This is a useless service to me.

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  • Su
      Feb 05, 2010

    I was just hit with this $12/monthly fee. My info was passed on when I purchased something from I have been told I will be refunded but I don't trust them. I am just upset about all the money they have taken from others.

    We need to unite and report all these businesses to the Better Business Bureau. It is not right for our credit card information to be passed on without our permission.

    If all of us complaint to the Better Business Bureau we have a better chance for these companies to be shut down.

    A, Redmond, WA

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  • Pg
      Feb 09, 2010

    I was informed by the 800 number on my visa bill that it was due to a purchase on; even though I did purchase articles I never authorized the shoppers discount enrollment, only sorry I didn't research this sooner. So I may be burned with 3 months charges @ $12 per month. Forward my complaint to Better Business Bureau.

    P. Gretter, Vegas, NV

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  • Af
      Mar 01, 2010

    I bought some flowers on Interflora in November, and never noticed that I was being charged £10 ($16) each month by (unfortunately, I tend not to look to carefully at my credit card statement). When I did, I went onto their online site and cancelled. I used my email address as my membership number. I then called them up on the phone, the receptionist (or call center operator) agreed to refund my £30 (£10 per month for dec, jan and feb) within 10 working days.

    I shall post in ten days to say if I have gotten it back.

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  • Ja
      Aug 10, 2010

    i bought some D&G light blue from Fragrancenet. they sold my info to some rewards company and i was receiving checks for up to 30 dollars for shopping online. At first i didn't know what was going on. i thought that they were rewarding me for spending so much. but when i looked further into it, it was another company. They were deducting money from my bank account. Most of the time it was 12 dollars and sometimes it was a dollar. i just don't know how they can sell your bank info. i had to cancel my credit card and close my bank account.
    Top it off by selling me water down perfume. I also bought Brittany Spears perfume. I think that one too was watery. NEVER AGAIN

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  • La
      Dec 15, 2010

    We just found out this company was doing this to my husbands ccard since 2008!! We have called his ccard company and they told us this is an ongoing SCAM! Great! We have canceled our ccard and got a new #!! Hopefully my husband's ccard company will be able to refund this money (under FRAUD) for the last 2 YEARS!!! Ugh! Btw...first it was $12.00 for a "shoppers discount" then 2 months later it started charging an additional $12.50 for some "rewards program"!! My hubby is upset that he didn't notice these charges month after month!!

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  • Es
      Jul 06, 2011

    The same thing happened to me. I think the link was from Fandango. I'm glad I found it out earlier. Be aware of this SCAM>>>

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