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When booking a flight with, the website asks you if you want to save £10.00 on your booking. If you click "yes", it re-directs you to the Shopper Discounts and Rewards website. They ask you for your email address, and while you think it is some type of newsletter you are signing for, what you are really doing is signing on for a direct debit of £8.00 a month, from the same credit card that you used to pay your flight. You don't have to give them any details, only your email address. I am sure they get the information from Easyjet. It took me 3 months to actually realise that they were charging me this monthly amount on my credit card. When you phone them to cancel, they are ready for it, they even have a cancellation automated service (I bet they get quite a high rate of cancellation). After cancelling, I tried to talk to an operator, who read me a 10 minutes speech about how it was my fault and I should have read the small print. When you phone them, they are ready for it, I bet they get lots of phone calls from people as upset as I was. I finally got them to refund 2 payments they took from my credit card, so I suppose they are not doing anything completely illegal, but in my opinion it is definitely immoral. I haven't got any service for this money they took from me, and I wasn't even aware that I signed for this service in the first place. People, be aware! And about Easyjet, who I considered a reputable company, the only thing I can say is that I am very disappointed with them for associating with this type of company, and I will avoid flying with easyjet in the future, as they lost my trust on them as a customer.

By the way, this company changes its name constantly., or may have appeared on your statement. Check them out in the internet. There are a few interesting reviews from USA.

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  •   Jun 30, 2008

    This is a scam that happens when you make a purchase at online at sites such as as I did. There is a quick pop-up that you barely have time to see, let alone read.

    Report them to better business bureau as will I. they automatically start charging your credit card on a monthly basis. I spoke with my credit card company (Discover) and the lady I spoke with told me she had a complaint against this company last week and the poor person had been scammed since 2017.

    I see a major judgment when that axe falls on this outfit.

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  • Mi
      Jul 11, 2008

    Yes, I too was scammed in the same way, Easyjet led me too them via their website and being on a "trusted" website and just being pleased to have completed the booking process without stuffing up, I guess I was vulnerable. This they do all for a sleazy kickback no doubt - the offer of a voucher, halfway through the process I realised as a visitor to the UK that I would not be able to use it and abandoned the process, I still received the bogus charge on my credit card a month later. It's nice that they give you a month for "free" - am I being cynical or is it just to distance the charge from the activity so you don't notice it? Or less likely to associate it with Easyjet.
    It's a lowdown dirty scam and the companies that are facilitating it on their websites are immoral. Easyjet will doubtless blame the oil prices and the downturn in the economy when they go to the wall in 12-18 months (as every poorly managed airline always does), but any idiot can see that if you abuse your customer loyalty like this, your customers are just going to walk. I will never fly with them again.

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  • Tr
      Jun 04, 2009
    Shopper Discounts And Rewards - Online credit scam
    Shopper Discounts and Rewards
    Colorado Springs
    United States

    A few months ago I had bought a pair of headphones from that were a ridiculously good deal. So good that they died two months later. I shrugged it off since returning them would probably have been fruitless since I had thrown away my receipt. I just considered myself out the twenty bucks, and learned a lesson about too-good-to-be-true deals.

    Last night, though, I was checking my debit card statement and noticed that I had been charged 12$ from "SHOPPER DISCOUNTS". I had no idea what this was, but saw I had been billed multiple months. So I entered their name into gmail and saw that I had gotten two emails many months ago from them that went directly to my spam box. Apparently I had an account, and upon scanning the ultra-fine print I saw that this "membership" involved a 12$ monthly fee.

    After some googling, I find that this is linked to a 10$ off coupon that I must have clicked upon check out at Once I clicked it got all of my billing information from Some people have said that I am at least partially to blame for not reading the fine print next to the link. Of course uses people's lack of attention to get them to sign up, then snags your credit information from the site that directed you there, and then hopes you won't notice when they charge you. The part that gets me is that I know I didn't input any personal or billing information for the site to charge, they had to get it from my original order. Over all it seems pretty underhanded.

    The bright side of this is that I was able to cancel my membership and get a refund by calling their customer service line [[protected]]. I hate talking to customer service people, but the lady I spoke to was very nice about it, and didn't try to refute my claim. I'm guessing from all the other complaints I've read she must be used to it. Well, add my complaint to the pile.

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  • Hc
      Jun 12, 2011
    Shopper Discounts And Rewards - taking money monthly without permission
    shopper discounts and rewards
    United Kingdom

    shopper discounts and rewards have been taking money out of my bank monthly without permission. here the email i sent them. i'm awaiting a response:
    I have noticed on my bank statement that i pay £10.00 around the 7th of each month to you. I have not set up a direct debit or standing order with you and therefore do not see how you can take a monthly payment without my permission. i have informed hsbc who are investigating the situation as fraud. i have also noticed that many people have 'signed up ' for this payment whilst purchasing something on the internet but all have been unaware that this is a monthly payment. i want a full refund of all the monies taken so far and will be posting my complaint on chat forums, facebook, my space and twiitter in order to make the public aware of your skam. i'm sure you have found a clause in the law somewhere so that your activity is not illegal, but i have notified my bank and they are treating it as fraudulant. i would like someone to contact me immediately regarding a full refund - i did not give anyone permission to take money out of bank each month.
    This is robbery - how do they get away with it. my bank say it is not a direct debit nor standing order so how can they repeat the transaction month afetr month?

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  • Ma
      Jun 12, 2011

    Hello h c f:

    I just read your post and I would very much like to provide you with information on Shopper Discounts & Rewards and to be able to address the concerns you have raised. I strongly recommend that you visit our online member forum, where you can ask a question directly to our Community Manager. They will be able to provide you with further information and I hope be able to resolve your issue. Alternatively, if you have a specific question regarding your credit card and membership I strongly recommend you contact me directly at [protected] If you do contact me directly please reference this forum.

    Customer Service

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