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ShopNBC / My horror story

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Part 1: They said they would delivery to my door...but the driver from Yellow Freight hired by ShopNBC in his 18 wheeler said I had to take it off the truck myself (I won’t even talk about this 2 day wait in my house for delivery), I could barely see up into the truck and I am a 50yr old female. Not in good enough shape to take a 65" TV off the truck. Lucky for me my wonderful neighbours stepped in and took it off the truck and pushed it into my garage… (FYI: I did send an email complaining, NO REPLY)…I thought okay my husband and son can carry it into the house after work. End of this problem.

New problem-GETS WORSE!

Part 2: I was told when I placed the order by the REP “I was approved for the ShopNBC charge card and to call when my charge card comes in the mail and they will open the account and then place me on a 18 months same as cash”. Hmmm okay easy enough…NOT!

Well mid-June I got a charge card statement dated 6/10/08 > before my new charge card even came so I was never able to call like I was told when I originally placed this order and as directed tell them to make it 18/m same as cash. To make it worse they made it into FLEX payments instead...When I called I got my first not so nice rep Yvonne when after much insistence on my part she said she would contact the other department to see if this can be changed to 18/m SAC and week later she calls me and said I was denied 18 months same as cash option-she said she “cannot tell me why but I need to call GE charge card division” I spoke with Shawn and gave her ALL my personal information including my SS#, mother maiden name etc (which OMG makes me very uncomfortable but I wanted things FIXED) after all that info she said she could not do anything about correcting this problem I asked for her suprv: Sharon (very nice) and she said I had to call SNBC credit dept she said “she only puts the billing the way they send it to her”. So I do as advised and spk with Brody and he said “Mrs. A, I really think I can handle this, could you please give me 24 hours” ??? Against my better judgment I said okay and went out of town until today.

Today July 3, 2008, I start getting calls from the pre-auth (collections) department Lori, Tina, Supervisors: Elizabeth and Jolene and later in the day by others who refused to give me there names. It seems they are contracted with SNBC their company name is “National Enterprise Sys”.---THEY HARRASSED ME BEYOND WHAT WORDS COULD SAY!!! And all customer service could say was “they will call for 24 more hours--until midnight when their error is corrected and their adjustment shows on there ShopNBC computer”. And I was told because they (the pre-auth collection dept) are working off of auto calling they cannot stop the calls. The customer service people said “ignore the calls”. (Note these calls are marked “UNKNOWN CALLER” ON CALLER ID) I also asked them if they could do a 3 way call with me online to inform the pre-auth collection department of the error that THEY made to call off the mean calls--Customer said they could NOT…Even with all the stress of talking with MANY people and departments I persevered I want the problem resolved TODAY! So between collection calls I received I spoke with customer service rep Craig who could not help (but was nice) I spk with his supervisor Kersh (nice) but said I had to call the GE dept I spk with a rep Maria I asked to talk with Sharon (I had already talked with her) she said she could not give her to me but the next supervisor AVAN (nice) who was a supervisor he was the original person to figure out what the problem was but could only tell me to “call them back and tell them cancel the previous order from the temporary card and re-enter as whole amount to the permanent card”. FINALLY! Only problem I had to call customer service back (No 3 way) So I now am speaking with Sheri (nicest rep to date) who reviewed this with her supervisor Chris (she gave me his name) and called the other dept and spoke with their supervisor AVA (she gave me her name). Sheri said we are sooo sorry they applied my TV onto my temporary card which was only authorized up to $2, 100.00 and the TV was over by apx $169.63 (shoot I should NOT have bought the extended warranty) but the permanent card was auth for $5, 500 so she did a "mis-applied credit" and said NO finance charge or any other charges will show and it will be 18 months same as cash. And called ahead to the other department to finalize the correction and talked with Pat (Ava is his supervisor) explained for me so when I got on with him I gave him the information he needed to finalize the correction. He said it will take apx 3-5 days for everything to complete. I did tell him and other reps today that I do not have much faith in ShopNBC because of all the problems I have gone through to date and will never purchase again because I could not handle going through this again. He told me an email was sent to the pre-auth collection department and they should stop calling you.

Well would you believe it, within 2 hours I got another nasty call from pre-auth and I called Pat who was gone and per Ryanne Ava would not take my call…I was told again I had to ignore the calls for 24 hours…So is it resolved I am still hoping and praying !!!???????

I have no faith in ShopNBC and have a very sick feeling in my stomach thinking what if this TV breaks even though I purchased the extended warranty. God give me strength OR deliver ShopNBC from there nasty ways!!


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