Shop & Ship / kuwait service need to improve that what happen with me


Package Number: [protected] (Supplement)

The order arrived on 11/1/2017 from US

More than 2 weeks in Kuwait for same reason (Awaiting Clearance).

I called Ship&Shop everyday!

The call center always said hold on they try to reach Ahmad Kamel but he not answer!!!

I sent him many Emails he's not answer!(attached)

After that I went last Wednesday by myself to Ministry of Health for Clearance!

I could do The release then I directly went to Ship&shop to give them the release paper! (attached)

When I arrive I asked to see Ahmad kamel he was in next floor but he didn't came to meet people and try to help them! I give it to someone to give him.

Until now I didn't receive my order!

The Summary:

1- Too late near one month!

2- Ahmad Kamel is the main reason, he not answer to Call Center they try to reach him but they said not answering, and my Email! He is not active so that my order too late!

Jan 27, 2017

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