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Best Choice Products complaints 58

Sep 16, 2020

Best Choice Products - Weight bench

Sent me a pile of metal without hardware in a destroyed box. They wont pick up their junk and refund my money. Yes, the CEO of Best Choice Products, Kite Law, is always so, so Sorry that his company...

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Best Choice Products - delivery of my kids christmas present

We ordered a ride on Jeep for my 1 & 1/2 year old for Christmas a week and a half before Christmas. They told us it would be a specific date. It came in two boxes they told us. We were only delivered one. We called best choice products and they said the other box would be there the following day. It did not arrive, so we called back again. They said it was not lost but delayed but assured us it would still arrive before Christmas. Today is 2 days before Christmas. The other box did not arrive. We called back again and they tell us it's lost. How do you lose a 75lb box? Now they ruined my kids Christmas.

Nov 11, 2019

Best Choice Products - no response when I wrote to them

I ordered a child's ATV from this company, received it on 10/25/19, but it stopped working by 10/29/19. I have written to them three times with no response. Now, eBay is looking into the matter but no response from eBay as of 11/10/19. I am very disappointed in Best Choice Products and have a 2 1/2 year old very disappointed grandson. The company should at least respond to emails.

Oct 29, 2019

Best Choice Products - patio set - missing parts - requests ignored - money lost

I ordered a patio set last year. We were in the process of selling our house & bought in celebration and anticipation of displaying in our new home. We moved the following year & began to open the box & begin installation. To our dismay, the parts which are supposed to connect the patio pieces togethers were missing. As stated previously, the box was unopened as we were in process of our home being on the market and of course buying our new home.
I had no idea about a 60-day warranty until I contacted their Customer Service Department... All I need are the missing pieces so we may begin enjoying our new patio furniture. After 2 weeks of repeated emails, our request has fallen on deaf ears.
Thanks goodness. I saved a photo of the item along with my email confirmation from my purchase otherwise, they claimed they could not even locate my order. Are you kidding me?

What terrible customer service after spending hundreds of dollars on a brand new item for my new home. As I have stated numerous times, I have either received a products with parts missing or a defective piece.

This is the worst customer service experience to date.


Best Choice Products - My led light

I declined my order from FedEx on August 8 2019 the driver said just sign we shipped to were it came from which I don't know were it came from. Only they do so it arrive back to Houston Texas on...

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Best Choice Products - patio umbrella 10ft. green with solar lights

I have been a customer for some time and this is the first time that I have ever had a problem or complaint about any product that I have purchased. The Umbrella is beautiful, it is very well made and you can see it's quality and we love it. We received it on July 19th 2019, on the 3rd time that we had to use it in the evening, when we turned on the solar lights, they would not come on, thinking that it might be that the solar panel may not be fully charged, I made sure that the umbrella was positioned so that the sun could charge the solar panel however that evening when I turned it on, the lights would not come on. Is there any option that I have or can you resolve this issue for me. Thank you.
Leo Guilford

Green 10ft solar Led umbrella
manufacture reference - SKY3435
Asin - B06y26GJ2N

Aug 14, 2019

Best Choice Products - 6v motorcycle with the training wheels

I just bought this for my son for his 3rd birthday and I am very disappointed it was broken when I got it in the mail I tried to bring it back to Walmart and apparently they are not responsible for it but why is it on there website and I tried calling best choice products andno one ever answers the phone I am very upset with this company I don't even want a refund I just want a new one for my son I paid extra just for the 2 year warranty and no one even answers my emails or my calls. I definitely won't be ordering from here and the Walmart website anymore this is freaking ridiculous

Aug 02, 2019

Best Choice Products - customer service

Sitting on hold waiting to speak with an agent for something that was not delivered to the correct place/person almost an hour is totally unacceptable. Had a box delivered to work and only a first name no last name. Have no idea who this is. Called to see if I could find out who ordered this and was on hold for over 45 minutes.
Totally useless customer service department.


Best Choice Products - no replacement parts. bad manufacture process caused premature failure

Very bad customer service. No replacement parts. I ordered the ride on 12v atv for my son. The foot switch failed due to poor manufacture process. There wasn't enough room to accommodate the foot switch and the wire harness. This caused the switch to failed from being pressed against by the wires and the foot pedal.

When I asked for replacement parts, they said they had none. When I asked for a part number. They said they could not provide any.

I have pulled kids atv's our the the dump and fixed them. They are still running to this day. There is no reason this should be so difficult.

What company can't support their own products. Do not support this company.

May 06, 2019

Best Choice Products - hanging chaise lounge chair

I purchased this item late last summer and waited until this spring to assemble it. Past their 60 days warranty time, which I was unaware of. One of the parts the groove was not correctly applied to attach the knob to hold footing together. It's been over two weeks now since my first e-mail to them to get a new part. I get one unresolved e-mail a week. Horrible customer service. Will not buy from them ever again. Last email said "we would like to take care of you, but do not have that part available. I have worked with product from overseas and know they could replace it from an item in stock or request it from the factory. Luckily the item is still useable. Love the item... Not a customer friendly company.

Best Choice Products - greenhouse has shabby stitching which leaks like a siff.

I am a senior citizen and called and complained of the greenhouse leaking all over my seedlings. I purchased the greenhouse from Best Choice Products and was all excited to get back to gardening after taking care of my husband that battled RMSF for a year and half. All I want is for them to replace the canopy part and not the frame. I was told they would give me a 10% to purchase anything of Best Choice Products. I ordered the greenhouse and put it up and wham it leaks due to shabby stitching and I am not happy with the company or product. They asked if I could take it some where and get it restitched. I even sent pictures to them as they requested.

Jan 11, 2019

Best Choice Products - unresponsive returns staff

I have written 3 times with the issue of a defective toy specifying what is wrong wit the toy and have received 3 responses all asking the same question as to what is wrong with the toy. They are...

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Nov 19, 2018

Best Choice Products - gymnastics mat

purchased this for my daughter a few months ago and it's only been used on occasion inside and the mat is falling apart. The pink material is peeling off all over the mat. We are very disappointed as she has other mats for years that have no issues at all. I included pictures and emailed the company. Their response was "we can offer you a 10% discount if you want to BUY ANOTHER ONE"! I couldn't believe this response nor the lack of quality of this mat.

My daughter is only 12 and not hard on her mats at all.

I would expect much better quality and customer service at any price point. This is pure JUNK...stay away!

Nov 07, 2018

Best Choice Products - sausage, egg, & cheese biscuits

I have purchases the Best Choice Sausage, Egg, & Cheese Biscuits on several occasions and on my last purchase and the purchase previous I have received molded sandwiches from the wrapper. This food...

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Oct 09, 2018

Best Choice Products - sky908 ride on for child

I bought a SKY908 ride on car from Walmart online, fulfilled by Best Choice Products. Sometime after 60 day warranty, we unpacked the item, which was a gift for my daughter's baby, and after...

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Best Choice Products - kids 12v ride on sports car w/hydraulics remote control 2 speeds led lights

Bought in Febuary 2018 for a very small child. She is only 9 months old at present. We have used very little because she is just now getting to ride in the car. Today 10/01/18 I started the car and...

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Oct 01, 2018

Best Choice Products - 10ft solar led lighted patio umbrella w/ tilt adjustment

I bought 4 of these umbrellas in July 2018 for my back yard. 2 yellow one from Amazon, and 2 blue ones from BCP (only because Amazon did not stock that color). One of the blue ones broke in 15 mph...

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Best Choice Products - 18 inch lawn aerator

I ordered this item and the rubber handle on the metal piece of the top of the handle was damaged. Can you send me a replacement rubver piece or another top piece of the handle? My name is Barbara...

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Jul 24, 2018

Best Choice Products - customer services/refund

I order a patio set through Sears. I had to return to Best Choice. OMG what an experience. For two weeks I was just trying to return the product and their customer service couldn't get the Fed label...

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Best Choice Products - return process

This company is a nightmare. Maybe I am spoiled by Amazon. But countless emails going unanswered and being on hold forever seems to be the norm. I had tried to cancel an item well before it shipped...

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