Sheraton / Starwood / service

Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

My name is mandy hughes. I have been very ill due to having terminal cancer! Please I never usually use this for an excuse but you need to know how angry I was!
I was feeling very anxious about going out due to my hair loss, my husband asked if i'd like to go to the sheraton! Of course I said yes! We took our son and his girlfriend whom were visiting us from nz. I went to the bar and ordered pre dinner drinks! I approached the bar when "stephen" asked us for drinks. I proceeded to show him my priority privilege card on my phone. He said he knew nothing about it. He then took our orders and asked to see my sons id! We had a bit of a giggle about it as he was 28 and his girl was 27 years old. Stephen then said there photo licence was not valid in australia. He then asked for there pass port. They actually had it on there phone. He said he needed to see it! I found that he was becoming most difficult so I asked to see the manager. He then decided to allow us to have drinks! He then frizbie tossed our coasters on the table and made an example of me by tossing it harder! I was so appalled by this blatant obnoxious person that I decided to fix my bill up and leave. The bar attendant "john" was more than happy enough to take my priority privilege card from my phone! I told him that I was so angry I had the shakes!
It was a very unpleasant experience for me and I left in tears.

May 16, 2017

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