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I also got sucked in to purchasing a timeshare. I walked in thinking I was going there only for the free gift, but in the back of my mind I really wanted to start traveling. They tried talking me into purchasing a bunch of points, but in reality I knew I could not afford to purchase a timeshare that was worth the vehicle I drove. It was not a necessity. They told me all these things about how great it was and that they were giving me a smoking deal, also they through in a gift card and a couple of free vacations which I never even had a chance to use since I couldn't even afford the time off of work or the airfare at the time. If I would have put the money I spent for my payments into savings I would have been able to go on a nice vacation now, but instead my first vacation was to San Diego where they stuck me in a Days Inn hotel that was similare to a super 8 motel. Very unhappy about the hotel considering I could have paid out of pocket for a much better hotel with my savings before the timeshare existed.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Phoenix, AZ I immediately called and complained about the hotel and the woman in customer service placed me on hold and stated there were no upgraded rooms available and that if I left to go to another hotel they would only be able to refund half my points that I used. For 3 nights in San Diego at a ghetto hotel I used 1950 points. Huge rip off. I hear about people who can help you get out of your contract, but someone who asks for money up front I will never trust again. My plan is to just let it go and not pay on it any longer. Yes it will affect my credit, but having good credit is what got me into the financial position I'm in today. Many of us make good money, but we are so consumed with living beyond our means which is why we finance everything. If we all took a stand and didn't make any payments on anything the banks would be screwed. No more high interest. I work hard for my money, and it hurts knowing I throw away a weeks pay to high interest payments. Banks and finance companies will do everything they can to keep you in debt. If you are late on payments, even an hour, they will jack up your interest rate 8-10%. From here on out, CASH ONLY! If you don't have the cash to buy something, you can't afford it and your living beyond your means. The only worth financing is a home and student loans.

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      Jun 21, 2010

    Dear sjverhal,

    We are very sorry to hear you are having any issues with your purchase and want to help clear them up for you as soon as possible. We certainly do not want you to have the type of experience you described and are certain that we can and will offer you a travel experience that is far superior. Would you be willing to contact us so we can address the issues related to your reservation? You can email us your specific concerns or contact information at [protected] and we would love to look into your situation specifically. Thank you for contacting us at your earliest convenience and for giving us the opportunity to serve you.

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