Shell VacationsThe excuses continue..

You want to come out smelling like the rose when your stuff stinks! Please do not make this our fault it will only add to my hopes that the AG will spend lots of time in your books. It is hard to use the correct account number when your statement has the incorrect number on it for three different statements. Am I suppose to close my eyes and randomly pick a number and hope that is the right account. I have been using the same account number since 1998!!! All of a sudden that is not the right account!! Your manager in Hawaii even admitted to us that she put the wrong account number on the statement and we double checked with her to make sure where we were to send the payments and to what account. Please do not act like you are the innocent party in this and that we can't figure out how to pay our bills. The only intelligence you are insulting is your own. We even went on the online payment area and put in all the account numbers that were given to us by Shell Vacation and guess what...all but one came back invalid (which we took screen shots of and will be sharing in our AG complaint) and that account number is the one that we have been using since 1998!! So please spare me the drama of how you properly instructed us on how to manage the account because you know that never happened. Every time we attempt to talk to Shell Vacation we can hardly get past a customer rep and then they get defensive when you try to discuss anything with them. They act like you are asking them to take the money out of their own pocket. And BTW, just to keep the story straight the problem did not come from checks that we personally wrote because on this account we paid our bill online and have for several years. You might want to check your facts before making inaccurate statements. We are now done giving you any information we must move forward to those who are interested in helping resolve issues.


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