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I went into the store with my 10y/o daughter and 17 y/o son. My son purchased soda with his own money and went out to the car to get ready to pump the gas. I purchased gas, a hat my daughter wanted, and asked for a box of my choice of cigarettes. It was then that, carla — operator id# 2357, told me that she needed my son's identification since we came in together to make sure he was 18 as well. I told that was not true. She insisted that it was a texas state law. When I asked for the number to the store to talk to the manager she pointed to the 800-go-shell on the door. I will not being a patron at this store again and I will be making it known to her management.

She basically accused me of attempting to buy tobacco with the intent to give it to a minor. While someone purchasing tobacco to distribute to a minor is against the law — buying cigarettes with your teenager or any teenager with you is not!

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  • Po
      Sep 22, 2010

    If she had reason to believe you were purchasing for minor (any reason, even a seemingly ridiculous one), she was in her right to refuse the sale. She will most likely not get in trouble for this.

    I used to work in a job where I sold cigarrettes, and if at any time you suspect someone may be buying for a minor for ANY reason, you can refuse the sale to the customer.

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  • Ce
      Sep 24, 2010

    CEFCO takes very seriously state and federal regulations regarding the matters surrounding the sale of tobacco, particularly pertaining to minors. While the clerk involved in this transaction had the best of intent in her thoroughness, we understand and empathize with your frustration in this matter. If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to reach us at or 254.791.0009

    Kindest Regards,

    CEFCO Convenience Stores

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  •   Aug 28, 2013

    It is called third party selling. The associate was just suspicious, seeing a minor buy something with another gentleman, and then leave, and you buying cigarettes. Cashiers jobs are on the line when it comes to operating in accordance to these laws. I am sure the cashier would have sold you cigarettes had your son showed his ID, verifying that he is your son.

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