Shari's Berries / overbooked?

MI, United States Review updated:

Ordered a Belgian chocolate edible card, 1 dozen roses, and chocolate covered berries on Sat. April 28 2012 for Mother who lives in Florida. Repeated the order the same date for Mother-in-law who lives in Michigan. Was promised that delivery would be Thursday May 10 for the card, Fri May 11 for the flowers and Sat May 12 for the berries. Order was placed online at the web site and paid for using a Bank Master Card debit/credit card. Received order confirmations by email a couple of hours later. Okay, yea for me, I took care of Mother's Day in a timely manner. But wait!... on Thursday, May 3, I had email waiting saying there was a problem/insufficent funds with my card. I should contact Sheri's Berries right away. Funny, my card was used both the day I placed the order, as well as every day since and no problems. A check with my bank showed that I still had a balance slightly over $1, 400. in my checking account and the card number on the confirmation was the same as the one on my card. To make a long story short, I called Sheri's Berries and, using an American Express credit card, thought I could just switch the method of payment. Oh no, not so easy. They were now out of the Belgian chocolate cards and couldn't honor the delivery date for the flowers or berries. The best they could do was deliver the flowers and berries on the same day, TUESDAY May, 8 for Mother's Day.
My problem is this; (A) How come a problem with my card even though it had plenty of funds, the correct number was used, and other merchants had no problems with it. (B) Why order confirmation if the card didn't go through? (C) Why wait from Saturday until Wednesday to alert me to a problem? (D)How come I had no chance to change the payment method before my order was canceled and supplies ran out as well as delivery date no longer available?
I believe that there NEVER was a problem with the card and it is a case of Sheri's Berries over-selling Mother's Day specials and having to find a way to cover their butts without admitting to it. By pushing the blame to the card and not giving me an opportunity to take care of the supposed problem, Mothers Day gifts are last minute plan B.
Oh well, like another person I didn't see negative comments on Sheri's Berries web site. I will not ever use them again. Buyer Beware.

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