Shari's Berriesinability to recognize cvc number & terrible customer support

R Feb 04, 2016 Review updated:

Accomplished the request area, wrote a card, but when it came time to check out, I got a pop up message that my cvc number did not match my credit card. I've been using this card for years, never had a problem. So, called customer service. The ignorance surged.
To make matters worse, 'Becky' their customer service rep., did not have the ability to read me back my phone number. No matter how many times she tried, her random mix up of numbers exemplified very ignorant levels. Realizing I was dealing with the zenith of stupidity, I nicely ended the call.
This is one of many companies offering holiday items. In this case Valentine's Day. This is one company I don't enough time to waste mine on.


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      Feb 18, 2016

    Canceled my order because the discount that was promised did not apply to my order 39.00 for strawberries and 30.00 for shipping hell no!!! I clearly made a mistake by submitting the order and I canceled an I asked how long would it take for my money to be put back on my card she said 3-5 business days that was from the 11th of February now I'm being told February 23rd what!!! 61.00 really and the rep was very rude.. I work as a customer service rep and I would have been pulled up for that attitude.. Will never order from their again ever

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