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I placed an order this morning at 8:00am. I called over my lunch break at noon to see if I could make a change to the order I had placed hours before. I was told that I couldn't make any modifications to my order. Why? I asked. All she could tell me was the order is unmodifiable. I said well then I want to cancel the order and I will just re place it the way I want it online. She said she cannot cancel the order but she will refund my money. What kind of idiotic business plan is that? However she was very misleading by telling me they value there customers and that's why she was doing it. However she couldn't tell me if the person I was sending the package to was still going to receive the package or not. I am beyond confused. I am sending this to a girlfriend for her birthday I want her to receive something from me but now I am unsure if she will or not. I don't want to place another order for fear she will now get two things??? What I thought would be a simple phone call to modify an order that isn't supposed to go out for 5 days has turned into a disaster. Thanks for the headache shari's berries!!!

Feb 01, 2017

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