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Shari's Berries / Complete rip off

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Do not do business with this unethical company !!!
Ordered six berries for my mother-in-law and a santa's workshop live christmas tree for my mother last week. My mother lives in a suburb of phoenix, az and my mother-in-law lives in the same city as I do, elko, nv.. Both products were on special for $19.99 and the freight was listed as $9.99 for each order. Seemed like a fair price for the tree and little steep on the berries, but what the heck it's part of their christmas. As you proceed through the order process, near the end I noticed that there was an additional freight charge of $9.99 on each order. The charge was listed as a "rural" delivery fee. That makes each order $19.99 for the product and an additional charge of $19.99 for shipping! Neither location is "rural", both are located on a major interstate highway and have full facilities of all the major delivery companies, ups, fed ex etc. I order frequently from dozens of companies and I have never been charged a additional fee for freight. As I started to cancel the order a box pops up and says that I will receive up to a $15.00 rebate after I place the order. O. K. , now a freight charge of $4.99 seems more than reasonable, so I place the order.
Here's where the scam kicks in. To receive the "rebate" you have to subscribe for services with another company that offers you a 30 day free trial and then bills the credit card info you have to provide $30.00 per month. Oh, and the rebate is on a future order! They will not cancel the order once it is placed, which is why they have the rebate available after the order is placed. I chose not to be manipulated into signing up for a service I did not want. It seemed better to just eat the outrageous charges and never do business with such a unethical company. But no, they weren't done. I received e-mail after e-mail from the company offering the rebate telling me I still had time to take advantage of their incredible offer. I even received a e-mail at work.

The tree I sent to my mother was as advertised and delighted my mom. It actually came from
Sharie's berries is actually part of a multicompany corporation consisting of pro flowers, pro flowers international, sharie's berries, red envelope and cherry hill farms. Beware of the business practices of all these companies.
The berries to my mother-in-law were terrible. The size was small to medium and the berries were overripe.
$20.00 for six of these pathetic berries.
I put a review on their website and they didn't print it. They do have hundreds and hundreds of rave, 5 star reviews, but none that are negative or mention the shipping scam! Funny how that works.
I've gone out of my way to warn friends and coworkers about these companies and will continue to drive business away from these unethical crooks.

  • Jmvit's Response, Feb 17, 2017

    I am still waiting for a response back from my past email and phone call!!!

  • Jmvit's Response, Feb 17, 2017

    still waiting!!

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  • Mo
      6th of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes

    I so agree with you. Rural Delivery Charge ??? I live in the middle of town with an international airport a couple of miles away. What a bunch of bs. And the weirdest thing is if you go to (one of the 6 companies of their 'Family of Brands') you can order the same products with the same discounts an NO rural delivery charge. How does that add up? ...well for me it added up to $9.99 less in shipping for the identical order, HA!

  • Ml
      11th of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes

    I had the same experience with Shari's Berries yesterday when I tried to order 6 chocoate covered strawberries for $19.99 with free shipping (as they advertised). By the time I completed my order I had a bill for $49.99. They don't let you know this until you are finished ordering. Then they charge 2 delivery fees and a fuel charge. And as you said they say that your order cannot be modified or cancelled. I had no intention of subscribing to "free" to recoup my shipping charges because I did not trust anybody associated with Shari's Berries. I immediately called and tried to cancel my order and they refused. My daughter has not received the berries yet so I can't comment on them. I do a lot of online ordering but I would NEVER do business with this company again. As far as I'm concerned they have "false and misleading advertising".

  • Ma
      12th of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes

    i agree...ordered the 6 berries, 19.99 special, saw a check box along the order process for guaranteed shipping by valentines day. i didnt check it, because it was already mentioned to order by friday for it to get there monday. so i figured, 19.99 for the berries, 1.99 for a card, figured there would be tax, and 9.99 for standard shipping. so i was thinking around 35 or so dollars.
    I was wrong... it was $54.12...for 6 strawberries.
    their trick is, you have no idea what your total is until you PLACE your order.
    first and last time customer
    oh, and the kicker? you cant cancel any order placed after Feb 7.
    what a sham, i was so looking forward to feeling good about this gift for my wife. it was different, looked good, and would be a suprise, as budgets are tight, and we havent gotten each other gifts in a couple of years. she would pass out if she knew i spent
    54.12 on 6 strawberries.

  • Di
      1st of Apr, 2012
    +2 Votes
    Shari's Berries - Failed to deliver
    Shari's Berries
    United States

    Placed an order for Cookies by design, paid as much for expedited delivery as the item itself. Item was never delivered, no follow up call was made. Customer service full of excuses. Bottom line, DO NOT use Shari's Berries for any special moments. Very very disappointed

  • Sh
      1st of Apr, 2012
    0 Votes

    We're sorry if you had a bad experience; it's not typical. We strive to ensure all of our gifts are delivered on time and provide tracking information for all orders. If your gift did not arrive on the date you ordered it for, we'll make it right for you. Please give me a call at 888-855-3486 -Steve

  • Co
      8th of May, 2012
    -1 Votes

    I also ordered Shari's Berries for my husband. They were no where near what was advertised. The berries were small to medium and they were NOT JUICY! It seemed like they were picked too soon. It was quite disappointing, and nothing like the HYPE! I will not order them again!!

  • Ki
      12th of Dec, 2012
    +1 Votes

    I am sure their berries are not good enough to justify their shipping chargers. What annoyed me the most is you need to enter all of your information and get to the final confirm order before you even know what the shipping cost will be. They do not deserve our family business that is for sure. Good vendors have a calculate shipping long before you enter all of your personal data. For me I will continue to make our own or purchase from a specialty store and pay no shipping. Big disappointment! Guys like Hannity and Beck preach honesty and plug a company like this. Shame on them. At the price of their product shipping should be no more than their cost which is definitely not the case.

  • Pa
      7th of Feb, 2013
    0 Votes

    Same thing just happened to me for Vday order. $39.99 'special' roses and berries turns into $92 with shipping. No way it costs that much to ship. I called them and told them how I felt and that I think what they are doing is false advertising. They aren't getting a penny from me.

  • Ec
      14th of Feb, 2013
    -1 Votes

    Shari's Berries = outrageously priced = total rip off!! Placed order 3 days before Valentines Day. Charged $4.99 + 9.99 for SHIPPING ALONE! Got an "offer code" for a full HALF dozen strawberries ($19.99). Silly me - should have read that more carefully - I thought it said a FULL dozen. Who uses the word FULL related to a half dozen (savvy, tricky marketers)?? At the end of the day, I paid $41.00+ for 6 strawberries. Can't help but feel sick every time I think about it. Happy Valentines Day >: (

  • Bi
      13th of Mar, 2014
    +1 Votes - Undelivered order and ruined Valentine's Day
    92121, 4840 Eastgate Mall
    San Diego
    United States

    I ordered gift for my wife on Valentine’s Day from the website They charged me within several minutes and provided the approximate time of the delivery. But on Valentine’s Day, they didn’t deliver my gift. I called them after that, but no one replied to phone call and emails. They ruined my surprise and day. Not recommended. They still haven’t returned money. So be careful if you use this website or leave comments if you have horrible experience with this seller.

  • Il
      7th of May, 2014
    +1 Votes

    I also just suffered the same circumstances.. I thought I was getting a special deal, one where I paid 39.99 and then shipping but what I didn't realize was that they charged me normal shipping and holiday shipping over that. And then, it was supposed to be a deal over to days.. flowers delivered one day and strawberries the next. I thought, since it was a "deal" the shipping would be confirmed for both but again I dealt with shipping costs a top shipping costs. In the end it cost me 80 something dollars instead of 50.. it's a huge jump. I wasn't aware of the charges till after I confirmed the order. Stay away from this company.

  • Mb
      9th of May, 2014
    0 Votes

    I just ordered from here a few days ago. It was 24.99 for the garden cookie arrangement! I thought sure sure, the shipping was supposed to only be 4.99. That's what it said at checkout, that's what I was charged for on my account, so all together 29.98. I looked at my account today and there was another $10 added on! AFTER 3 4 DAYS! I called the customer care hotline, to where I got nowhere with the lady, who basically called me dumb for even *thinking* that they were wrong! It was a mother's day gift so my mom hasn't gotten the cookies yet, but JEEZ LOUISE! Never ever again!

  • Fo
      29th of Aug, 2014
    0 Votes

    I Just sent Berrries and flowers to my 82 year young Mother for her Birthday! The Berries where ok ! ( Not as god as edible Arrangements ) but the Roses which showed up late in the afternoon, appeared to have been left on a hot UPS truck overnight! Soory Mom! I`ll never use sherries berries again!

  • An
      14th of Dec, 2014
    +2 Votes

    These berries come from the farm in crates, with dirt and anything else that may have contaminated them (animal fecal matter, pesticides, etc...) and are dipped in chocolate without washing them.
    Despite worries from the company for years about the negative health effects and consumer sentiment around not washing our strawberries before dipping them in chocolate, nothing has been done to resolve this issue.
    The company ships millions of these strawberries per year, especially now during the upcoming Christmas holiday, Valentines Day holiday and Mother's Day holiday. The berries arrive directly from the farm, are sorted for size in machinery and directly sent to be dipped in chocolate (actually it's not even real chocolate, but a chocolate like substance). There is actual dirty and grime accumulation all over the berry sorting equipment because of how dirty the berries are.
    The executives at the company recognized this as a potential issue and year after year give it lip service. However, putting in a real system to properly clean the berries or somehow track shipments to a certain lot of berries from a farm would cost money. Currently if a group of customers across the country contracted a food bourne infection from the berries, the company would have no way to resolve the issue or track where the berries originated from.
    Don't send your loved ones these berries for the sake of health.
    -Concerned Shari's Berries Employee

  • Ca
      27th of Dec, 2014
    -1 Votes

    I ordered 3 gifts of $50 or more of strawberries, cherries and cookies. Orders were for family in NC and NY. These were Christmas gifts and none of them were delivered. The tracking system was useless, providing no information except the orders had been processed. I called the company 12/26 and after a long wait was told that the orders had been cancelled and not by them. They refused to take any responsibility and just kept repeating the order was cancelled and not at their end, implying they must have been cancelled by me. Also they kept insisting I would have received emails regarding the cancellation. The only emails I ever received were order confirmations. Then they had the nerve to read me their products glowing description and wonderful shipping details asking if I would like to place an order!!! They have lost my business forever.

  • Jo
      12th of Feb, 2015
    0 Votes

    What a complete scam. Ordered a $49 dollar special and I just saw my bill was $93 dollars. Wow are you serious. When you call you get someone on the phone that really can't do much of anything to help. I will NEVER do business with these guys again. Heard them advertised on radio and some friends said they had used them. From now on, I'll haul my cookies to the store and get it myself. What a complete joke...only problem the joke is on me. Stay Away!

  • Jo
      12th of Feb, 2015
    -1 Votes

    Such a complete rip off. Just placed an order for 1 dozen chcolate covered strawberris for "half price" with a promo code from the radio. I am paying $24.99 for a full dozen and it was such a good deal I added 4 caramel dipped pretzel also for $9.99, kinda pricey but I never get anything delivered for my wife so I thought it would be a nice little treat for Valentines day. Everything went great until I complete the order and see there is a $17.99 standard delivery fee then on top of that there is another $9.99 for Saturday delivery. So for around a $35 order I ended up paying $66.74. I will eat the cost and just never do business with this company or any of there other companies again. For me once, shame on you, for me twice, shame on me...

  • Hi
      16th of Feb, 2015
    0 Votes

    Rip off...I ordered half dozen chocolate covered strawberries for Valentine's day for my husband. When he received them they were hot and looked nothing like the picture. It was such a disappointment, for a Valentine's gift. :(

  • An
      6th of May, 2015
    0 Votes


    $39 special for 6 berries and 3 (small) cheese cakes after shipping and other charges was $77.09

    77.09 for 6 berries and 3 cheesecakes???? I could have taken my wife to CHEESECAKE FACTORY and had a meal with dessert for WAY less than that.


  • Se
      9th of May, 2015
    0 Votes

    I agree with all the complaints. I ordered Mother's Day strawberries and cookies. I will not receive them on time for Mother's Day. I ordered in plenty enough time. What a ripoff!!! The two dozen roses I ordered show up, but they are nothing special at all. Everyone save your money go to the store buy flowers and berries. You will save yourself a lot of money and headache!!!

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