[Resolved] Shari's Berries / Berries.comfailed to deliver (can't handle busy seasons)

D Feb 14, 2019 Review updated:

-date of incident: 02/14/2019
-order no. [protected] placed 02/04/2019

Failed to deliver my wife's valentine's day gift. I paid for garaunteed delivery and not only did shari's berries fail to deliver the gift order weeks in advance when calling in to track the order customer no service does even answer the phone. The online chat feature is also offline. This company has turned into a scam.

I want a full refund for the order. I also think they should write an apology letter for messing up a holiday order. Especially, for a holiday as important as valentine's day to show the people important in our lives how much we care for them.

Fine something happened with the shipment. No notification was given to me nor my wife. There she sat at work watching her co-workers receive gifts from their loved ones who obviously didn't make the mistake of counting on shari's berries.

I have been a customer for years and cannot believe they have grown to the point where the consumers don't matter.

I hope everyone there had a great valentine's day cause you certainly have embarrassed my wife and i.

Just awful business practices... Hiding and refusing to answer customer calls

  • Resolution Statement

    After an exhaustive process I spoke with customer service and they agreed to refund my purchase in full. The representative expressed her concern and seemed sympathetic. Although, I will not be ordering from this company during holiday seasons I will continues to purchase products during lower volume seasons.


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      Feb 14, 2019

    I just want to echo your post. I am encountering the same exact issue.

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  •   Feb 14, 2019

    @Luke8 The arrangement you sent to Dusty’s wife didn’t arrive either?


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