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May 19, 2020

Cookies by Design — Shipping cost for certain day, not done. Unable to reach customer service, get undeliverable emails.

I placed an order on May 7th for a May 9th Delivery at a cost of 39.95 for shipping. This was offered and I...

Cookies by DesignHorrible delivery

They promised Valentine's Day delivery but couldn't manage to actually deliver the cookies on Valentine's Day.

I spent about $100 on two deliveries and both were screwed up. Don't patronize these guys

They have no idea how to make a business work. They can't get anything right. I'll never use them again. Trust me, you don't want to spend your money with them. If they can't deliver cookies on time what good are they? So, take my advice and order from mrs field's or a local bakery. Don't waste your money.

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    Cookies by DesignNever Order cookies Online , unless you chooses hand delivery

    The cookies by Design website does not tell customers that the cookies they order online will be shipped from a warehouse in Plano, Texas instead of being delivered by a shop that is local to the recipients area.

    They ship previously frozen cookies for an excessive delivery fee and pretend they are coming from the local bakery. The product does not even look like the cookies on the website.

    Always choose hand delivery on the website if you do h order online.

    Never place an order with the 888 number as it is a call center in Texas. Always ask for the phone number of the local shop.

    Cookies By Design is only a good product if it is delivered from the local bakery.

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      Cookies by DesignTerrible products & service

      I just had a HORRIBLE experience with Cookies By Design and I will NEVER use them again!

      I am so displeased with their poor quality products and their utter lack of customer service that I actually filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Here's what happened:

      On 6/19/10, I placed an order for 8 monogrammed wedding favor cookies. The cookies arrived on 6/24, and they looked NOTHING like the photo on the website. The frosting was different, and so was the font. On top of that, the writing looked completely unprofessional and sloppy, whereas on the website the writing was beautiful and perfect. When I called that day (6/24) to express my concerns, Stephanie told me that I would be issued both a full refund of $68.28 to my credit card AND receive $68.28 in store credit for future orders. However, as of 7/13, I still had not received the refund.

      I called on 7/13 and was transferred to ext. 402. No one picked up, and I left a detailed voicemail message stating the reason for my call (to get my refund), left my phone number, and specifically requested a call back. No one called back, so I sent them an email on 7/14, again explaining everything in detail (including the fact that I had left a message the day before and no one had responded). I did not get a response to my email, either.

      On 7/15 I called again and this time spoke to Angela. She verified that I was due a refund, and she processed that, and she also confirmed that I had $68.28 in store credit. I decided to use the store credit to purchase a cookie cake for an upcoming party. I placed the order, and when the cake arrived on 7/23, it was in worse condition than the original cookies I'd had a problem with. The frosting covering the entire bottom half of the cake was completely melted and smashed. It was supposed to look like a beach scene with hibiscus flowers, and it was basically a big blob. Also, some of the writing was smashed and cracked. It was a complete embarrassment. So, I called and asked to speak with a supervisor.

      I was transferred to ext. 404, where once again no one picked up. I again left a detailed message including my phone number, and specifically requested a return phone call. Immediately after this, I also sent an email explaining my concerns AND including photos I had taken of the cake to show what a mess it was. I did not get a response to either my phone message or my email.

      On 7/26, I called back again. I specifically asked for a supervisor and was instead transferred to a regular service rep (Angela). Angela then transferred me to Stephanie, who got snippy and told me there was nothing else they could do for me. She said that they don't normally issue both a refund AND a merchandise credit; she had only done it because she felt so bad that the mistake had messed up plans for my bridal party the day before my wedding.

      I pointed out that their apology card states "If you are not 100% satisfied, we will do whatever it takes to make it right, " and made it clear I was not satisfied. Yes, they sent a replacement, but it was a disaster and I was unable to use it. I explained that I expected a full-quality replacement, that I would feel good about bringing to a party -- not one that was melted and smashed and sloppy.

      Beyond that, the cake was dried out and stale and completely fell apart when we tried to cut into it!

      I asked to speak to a supervisor and Stephanie said her supervisor was at lunch, but promised that the manager would call me either that day or the next day. It is now 8/3 and they have not responded, even though I was assured that the manager would return my call.

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        Cookies by DesignWarning

        Cookies by design has lovely cookies that they charge a fortune for, and I honestly I do not mind spending that kind of money for the people I love. The people I love, on the other hand: mind me spending that kind of money very much. I wanted to send them a special surprise and knew they would never guess how much I spent. Little did I know that they would be sent a catalog. A business card with "Cookies by Design" written on it is one thing, but a catalog? In a gift? Now they won't stop talking about how expensive one cookie is. If I wanted them to know how much I spend I would have sent a gift card.

        I realize it is just a marketing thing, this just a warning to any overspenders.

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          Cookies by DesignThey delivered my birthday gift damaged, and 1 week late

          I ordered a gift for my sister from Cookies By Design. I had wanted it delivered on my sister's birthday so she would enjoy the surprise at work; that is part of the fun. The day after it was supposed to arrive, I called to check on it. I was on hold for over a half hour before I was told they could not locate my order (but had no problem taking my money!) Someone was supposed to call me back, but never did.

          Over a week later, my sister received her gift, crammed into a brown cardboard box. It was all smashed up and broken. Unbelievably, the cookies were mailed from 1800 miles away, when the Cookies By Design store was only 2 miles from where she works! Why in the world would the have been mailed? I thought the delivery seemed a little pricy for a 2 mile drive.

          Never again will I use this company!

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            The complaint has been investigated and
            resolved to the customer's satisfaction
            Cookies by DesignScam

            I ordered cookies by design for family that lives in another state for Christmas. I ordered it 3 weeks before christmas. On the day before Christmas eve, I got an e-mail stating that they would not be able to deliver the cookies by Christmas eve, which is when the delivery date was originally scheduled for. They would not be able to deliver until after the 29th of December. The e-mail stated that if I wanted to cancel the order I needed to call an 800 number and give them the order number so they could cancel it. So i found an alternative gift to have sent to them instead which they received the next day (Christmas eve) and decided to call and cancel the order. So i spoke with a rep, and canceled the order. The guy I spoke with said that the money would be refunded within 1 to 5 business days. Which the money was refunded; however, today (Dec 29) I received an e-mail stating that my order has been processed and shipped...the order which i canceled. So i take a look at my bank account, and behold, 72 dollars was taken out again by cookies by design. I called the 800 number back and they told me that customer service would not be back until Monday jan 4th, and he would place my name on a list...Thanks cookies by design for charging me 72 dollars and shipping a gift which I had canceled.

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              • Sa
                Sabbel Aug 13, 2010
                This comment was posted by
                a verified customer
                Verified customer

                I am a very unhappy customer i ordered and cookie gift for my sisters 40th Birthday and not only did they not deliver it but they did event call me to inform me that their was a problem with the delivery I was made at my sister because she did say thank you for her gift but to my surprise it was never sent i left a message for the so call supervisor that has yet to return my call and to this day the order has not been delivered nor has anyone called me nor has my money been their service is the worst in all departments i don't recommend the company if you are doing something special go with the flowers.

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              • Jl
                JLS8195 Aug 05, 2010
                This comment was posted by
                a verified customer
                Verified customer

                I had a horrible experience with this company also. In short, I ordered cookies for my bridal party to give out at my rehearsal dinner. When the cookies arrived, they were an absolute embarrassment. They looked NOTHING like the photo shown on the company's website; beyond that, the lettering (a monogram) looked like a child had done it!

                So, I called the company and expressed my disappointment (nicely). The service rep felt bad and offered me both a full refund (almost $70 -- for 8 cookies -- I know realize this was a ripoff regardless!), as well as store credit for what they refer to as their "replacements."

                I was promised the refund on June 24. As of July 13, I still had not received it. So on July 13, I called to have this rectified. I was transferred to someone who was not at their desk and my call went to voicemail. I left a detailed message, along with my phone #, and requested a call back. The call did not come. So, the next day I sent an email. No one responded to my email, either. The following day (July 15), I called AGAIN. This time I spoke to a live human being and was promised my refund would be put through that day (which is was). I also verified that I had store credit for a "replacement" order.

                Shortly after this, I placed my "replacement" order. I ordered a cookie cake for a party I was attending. When the cake arrived, it was also an embarrassment (so bad I took photos). The frosting on the entire bottom half of the cake was smashed and melted. It was not something I could take to the party -- it looked like someone had smeared all the icing into one big blob. On top of that, when we cut into the cake, it crumbled and fell apart. It was stale.

                I called the company again and asked for a supervisor. I was again transferred to an extension where no one answered; again, I left a detailed message and requested a call back. Immediately after I got done leaving my message, I also sent an email and attached the photos of the cake. No one responded to my phone call OR my email.

                I had to call the company AGAIN (I had given them 3 full days to return my call or email, and they didn't!). I asked for a supervisor but was transferred to a regular service rep, who at first got snippy telling me there was "nothing more" they could do for me. I read to her from the little card that came with my order about how "If you are not 100% satisfied with your order, we will do whatever it takes to make it right, " at which point she backed off a little. She then explained that she didn't have the authority to grant me anything beyond what they had already done, and it would have to go to her manager (DUH -- that's why I requested a supervisor in the first place!). She said her manager was at lunch but she would leave a message, at which point I expressed my concern over the fact that I had left voicemails and sent emails and never got a response to any of them. She ASSURED me that her manager always returns calls and I would definitely get a call either that day or the next day. Did the call ever come?? Well, I think the fact that I am writing this tells you the answer...

                I will NEVER, EVER use this company again. Please do not give them your business, either. There seem to be a lot of complaints about them out there! If you need a cookie bouquet, there are TONS of companies out there that offer them. I have only used one other, but have used them several times, and have been 100% satisfied with their products. That is Corso's Cookies and their website is

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              • Dj
                DJ42 Feb 13, 2010

                I just ordered from them, paid for overnight shipping that ended up not being overnight... Gota love that. So the agent explains to me that it's not their problem and i have to call the shipper. The way I see it, they hired the shipper, their problem. I asked to speak to a manager and was told they don' t have any managers. Really, A call center with no managers. I then asked for the agents name and she refused to tell me. This company needs to be avoided at all costs! This isn't acceptable behavior for a company providing a service. Now I'm nervous about the condition of the package when it actually arrives. I think someone should start creating some social network warnings about this company and their poor business practices. For the price they charge, I would expect to be treated better when I call. Oh, and I left a message for them to return a call to me, go figure, they never called.

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              • Co
                cookieman Feb 10, 2010

                I wish I could. There is a battle between corporate and the franchise holders and since I am not a franchise owner, I don't want to do anything that jeopardizes the lawsuit currently in play. I have to act from behind the scenes in support of the franchise owners that have invested large amounts of time and money to build their businesses only to watch them get cut off at the knees by an ownership group that couldn't care less.

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              • Jo
                Joseph Gretchen Feb 01, 2010

                I have had a bad experience with Cookies by Design also. Where is your store located if you offer the kind of service you say you do. I would just rather order from you!

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              • Co
                cookieman Jan 15, 2010

                I have been involved with Cookies By Design at the franchise level for nearly 10 years. The problem you experienced is because of the new corporate ownership group. They are actively shutting down franchises and trying to bring all production and shipping in house to Dallas, Texas. This is creating massive problems with quality of product and delivery for the items not ordered out of franchise stores. It's also affecting the credibility of the company as a whole. Our store has a policy of same-day hand delivery (as long as it is ordered by 3:00 p.m. local time) as far away as 75 miles. I know of other franchisees doing similar work. The problem is when you order off of the internet and you type in a zip code, the web site will only refer you to a local franchise if that zip code is expressly owned by the store. There are zip codes within 5 miles of our location that the corporate web site will not mention on our behalf because we don't 'own' that zip, though we have serviced for as long as the store has been open.

                The best way to order a basket is to go to the corporate web site and only type in the state. That will will give you a list of stores in the state and you simply choose the one closest to you location. If there re no stores in the state you want to ship to, simply google 'cookies by design' with the city you want and ship from the closest store. The store locations generally get deliveries out same day as long as it was ordered early enough to create and build the basket. Most franchise locations have their own web site.

                For the record, the last order we took on Christmas Eve was at about noon and all deliveries were done by 6:00 p.m.. The last delivery was about 60 miles from the store.

                Order at the store level and you will much happier.

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              The complaint has been investigated and
              resolved to the customer's satisfaction
              Cookies by DesignService

              An order for a birthday cookie bouquet was not delivered or even placed after it was made online!

              The Rolling Meadows store location ddid not take any measures to follow the store policy of returning calls and the protocol for handling orders when issues arise or protocol in this matter. I did not receive a phone call stating that there was an issue with my order and I did not receive a return phone call to asking for the order to be reinstated. I was under the assumption that the order was find and the delivery would take place.

              Further, the store did not adequately deal with the issue and I am very disappointed that the only apology I received was after I stated I would contact the cooperate office. Moreover, I strongly feel that the store should have taken responsibility for the errors that occurred and they did not do so.

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                • Pr
                  PRL Dec 14, 2009

                  Ordered Cookie Basket and single balloon - online. The LA store was supposed to deliver it. They called because they showed only one balloon to deliver. I thought one balloon with a basket was fine but agreed to go for the bouquet for a fraction more. The recipient received ONLY the baloon bouquet and NO cookies.
                  Called the store. She said there was no cookie order. So let me ask you, why would I order balloons only from a cookie company? Well, that's beside the point.
                  The store (Phyllis) said it's YOUR FAULT. I couldn't locate the order online to confirm what I ordered. So, I agreed it was my fault. At this point I didn't feel like arguing. I ordered the cookie basket and had it sent and spent another $20 on delivery fees. I am up to about $90.
                  After talking to corporate, I found out that there were two pages on my order. The first page showed a balloon and the second page showed the cookie order. SO, I was right!
                  I have been waiting for 3 weeks to resolve this issue. Lousy customer service.
                  The visa charges have been contested. They need to refund the whole shabang to try to retain any of my business but if that's not possible, then I would just like to pay for what I ordered with ONE delivery fee.
                  I could have spent all this time at the shelter helping the homeless or volunteering at the school.

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                Cookies by DesignNo refund for product never received!

                I ordered cookies as a gift for my bf for Valentine's Day. Due to the "storm," it was delayed a day. Then when it was finally "delivered," it went to another company's mail room. When I told my bf to call the other company's mail room, they informed him that no such package ever came for him. I told the cookie company this and demanded a full refund since no one received the package. They refused to give me a refund because he claims that his courier person claimed on delivering the package. They still won't refund me, $67 for cookies never received. I bet you the courier service probably dropped the cookies or never delivered them. Charlie from the Englewood branch offered me a $20 credit. Why would I want to order from such a company? Bad business practices, I reported them to the BBB.

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