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Doing nothing would be this company's favorite pastime if they would have the energy for it.

Cookies by Design Inc.

1865 Summit Ave. Ste 607
United States - 75074

Customer Support Phone Numbers

1888 675 1453(Customer Service) 1 0
+1 800 945 2665(Customer Service) 1 0
+1 855 266 5437(Sales) 1 0
+1 469 326 2532(Franchise Information) 1 0
+1 972 398 9536(Head Office) 1 0

Cookies by Design Complaints & Reviews

Cookies by Design / Horrible delivery


They promised Valentine's Day delivery but couldn't manage to actually deliver the cookies on Valentine's Day. I spent about $100 on two deliveries and both were screwed up. Don't patronize these guys They have no idea how to make a business work. They can't get...

Cookies by Design / Never Order cookies Online , unless you chooses hand delivery


The cookies by Design website does not tell customers that the cookies they order online will be shipped from a warehouse in Plano, Texas instead of being delivered by a shop that is local to the recipients area. They ship previously frozen cookies for an excessive delivery fee and pretend...

Cookies by Design / Terrible products & service


I just had a HORRIBLE experience with Cookies By Design and I will NEVER use them again! I am so displeased with their poor quality products and their utter lack of customer service that I actually filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Here's what happened: On 6/19/10, I...

Cookies by Design / Warning


Cookies by design has lovely cookies that they charge a fortune for, and I honestly I do not mind spending that kind of money for the people I love. The people I love, on the other hand: mind me spending that kind of money very much. I wanted to send them a special surprise and knew they...

Cookies by Design / They delivered my birthday gift damaged, and 1 week late


I ordered a gift for my sister from Cookies By Design. I had wanted it delivered on my sister's birthday so she would enjoy the surprise at work; that is part of the fun. The day after it was supposed to arrive, I called to check on it. I was on hold for over a half hour before I wa...

Cookies by Design / Scam


I ordered cookies by design for family that lives in another state for Christmas. I ordered it 3 weeks before christmas. On the day before Christmas eve, I got an e-mail stating that they would not be able to deliver the cookies by Christmas eve, which is when the delivery date wa...

Cookies by Design / Service


An order for a birthday cookie bouquet was not delivered or even placed after it was made online! The Rolling Meadows store location ddid not take any measures to follow the store policy of returning calls and the protocol for handling orders when issues arise or protocol in this matter. I...

Cookies by Design / No refund for product never received!


I ordered cookies as a gift for my bf for Valentine's Day. Due to the "storm," it was delayed a day. Then when it was finally "delivered," it went to another company's mail room. When I told my bf to call the other company's mail room, they informed him that no such package...