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May 29, 2018

This is what happen I bought a huawei Y6 prime in the sharaf dg may 27, 2018
I use master card for my payment. After 2 days I came back having trouble in the item I bought. The first day I noticed it was hanging I let it be to be observe for a while the second day was it was switch off while Im taking picture in whatsapp. I came back on 3rd day (may 29, 2018) that's the time it open.
Then I told them this thing happen one of the staff tell me to go in Diera City Center to check this problem because they have technicians there. Suppostedly they are the one who will send this thing. And the bad part was the manager raise his voice on me while explaining on how to fix the problem. While telling me that maybe I drop the phone or spill with water or what. And I said you think im careless to do that. He said also to us if you want to complain do the complain. And he turn his back and leave us, same staff who fix the phone by telling only that I can do.
The manager left us waiting, luckily the local staff talk to us what we should do in a nice way. But still we are not happy for the product because it still not working well same problem with the hanging. Being in customer service you should be polite and know how fix the situation properly. Please encourage your team on how to deal on this matter. Hoping this will not happen again in other customers. And please we need an replacement which we already surrender in Sharaf DG, Diera City Center (may 29, 2018) Thank you and regards.

Sharaf DG

May 30, 2018

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