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Huge nightmare! I cannot even talk about it without shaking. So much stress, I cried over it. Do not order anything from this company!

I first noticed the add for this product on Myspace. I am usually a real sceptic about these kind of products-results without much effort, it usaully seems too good to be true. Since it did not cost anything but shipping, it was recommended by Oprah, and because of my personal situation, I felt good about it to give it a try. I am engaged, and I needed extra help to make my New Year Resolution come true- get in better shape, and look the best I can for my weeding day. I was hoping to try, test some of the product, and decide which one works the best one for me. I ordered the 5 different trial offers- Total Cleanse, Total Pomegranate, AcaiBerry, Colontox xF, and the Brite Smile, and in addition placed the full price order for Hoodia Water which is supposed to help surpress my apetite.
I noticed how the company tries to trick people into ordering additional items. When you place the item in your shopping bag, the company automaticallly adds their recommendation. You do need to click on the box to uncheck their added selection, or you will be billed for the full price of the second item. I thought that was very neaky-their way of making money. I felt good that I was able to catch it, and avoid that! I aslo noticed the small print about subsciption, which it looked like it was only a phone call away. My plan was to get these products, cancel the subscription to all, test them all out for 2 month- one month doing Total Cleanse with PomClear (Pomegranate), and other month the ColonTox with AcaiBerry, with the daily apetite surpressant, and then place the order for the product that worked. So week after my trial orders came in, I called them. I talked to Karen, gave her all the info that she needed to cancel my subscriptions. I asked for confirmation number, she has told me that it takes 24-48hours, and that I will recieve the email confirmation. Email confirmation was never sent to me. I called again. Oh, yeah, you have to know each time you call that company it means you call them many times a day for days with an hour long holds, and immediate hang-ups. I found another number, and this time talked to Adam, and again went to the whole process of canceling. After that, I was 100% sure that my subspription was cancelled. A month later, after noticing new charges from the company, I started calling again. I say- started calling, because it is a long process. Such a waste of my time, and nerves! It seems to me that my previous phone calls to the company only managed to put my phone number on their block list, so I was no longer able to get their phone to even ring. I was able to find another number where I was able to leave the message, that offcourse that did not do anything. After the trial orders which I have been billed for correctly, and have recieved them all, so far I have only recieved ONE order of the FIVE new unauthorized charges on my statement. I was already talking to my credit card company, and I though that since we are disputing the charges, I need to send the package back. Since I was not able to get to a Customer Service representative to even answer my call, even less get me the RMA(Return Merchandise Authorization) -their prefered way, I had sent back the package as "Return to sender" . After reading all the complaints here, now I see that was a mistake, at least I would have had something for the money I paid. I have no idea if my credit company will be able to get a hold of anyone in that "company" to dispute the charges. So did anyone actually got their money back? As per recommendation of one of your online bloggers, I have sent the online request on the this web page and now I at least have email confirmation that they have recieved my email. This site is a different from the one that I originaly ordered the product from, which is this one

It is all a big nightmare, emotional, and financial loss, and on top of that, I have not seen any results from the product. Since this is obviously not a consumer/customer friendly company, even more it is real a shady one, I started to think about what exactly is inside of those pills. For my safety, I have discountinued using their product completely.

To protect myself from these Florida scammers from even more future unauthorized charges, I reported my credit card as lost/stolen and I recommend you do the same immidiately.


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