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First of all, I am not disputing the verbiage in the policy itself. My complaint is regarding the purchasing process of this policy right from the start and the use of multiple brand names to create confusion. I will post this under the under brand names so everyone will be aware that it is really the same company.

Half my overseas trip was ruined by a situation out of my control and I incurred hundreds of dollars of charges as a result. The entire airport in Manila was closed for the APEC summit meetings. I was relieved to know I had purchased trip insurance from a well-known company in Chicago, John Hancock Insurance—which according to the website included cancellation and delay.
Upon requesting the appropriate claim forms, the form itself says it is actually “American Modern Insurance Group”. However, after making sure that was the correct form it appears the forms are actually mailed to “Seven Corners”. I later found out that “Sever Corners” is only the processor of claims. It appears that multiple companies are involved and that they are simply using different names to confuse and mislead consumers.

My claim for trip cancellation was denied and I was advised (after several emails) to file an appeal under a different reason, trip delay. I spent countless hours filing out all the forms again and providing proper documentation and proof of such occurrence. The second claim with "John Hancock Insurance” was also denied. There were no responses to my emails, again for weeks. I also, placed many calls and emails to the “zero complaint team" at asking for further clarification regarding my specific trip insurance policy that I purchased. After about a month I finally was given an answer, simply stating, that I was not covered for that reason under that policy.

Regardless of the writing in the policy, I am asserting that I was cheated and completely mislead into purchasing this insurance policy from the start. I am asserting that I was lead to believe I was purchasing from a prestigious name; John Hancock Insurance. This was clearly a bait and switch scheme and absolutely unacceptable. In addition, I was not made aware prior to my purchase the extreme limitations of this policy and that I would be dealing with multiple companies other than “John Hancock". This would have drastically altered my decision in choosing such a prohibitive policy from unknown companies.

Apr 17, 2016

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